Battle Wounds

Poor Hunter. Poor Coop. They BOTH scraped their right elbows over the weekend!

Hunter's accident happened when we were at my parents' house Friday afternoon and he ran across the road to get a ball. I wasn't there, but my Dad said Hunter was so paranoid that a car was going to come, that he raced across and fell. It was big drama... glad I was at Safeway! (Um - is that a bad thing for a Mom to say?)

Then poor Coop was running to try to catch up with us at Awana on Sunday evening and bifffed on the sidewalk. More big drama. I don't think I've heard the word "owie" that much since...well, forever!

So here are my poor babies and their scraped and bruised right elbows. With the way they play, I'm sure this is just the beginning of our "owie" adventures!
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Katy said...

Oh poor guys! But such cute pictures! It seems like a day doesn't go by without some new scrape or bump or bruise does it! I bet you were thinking to yourself after they did it, wow, this will make a cute blog. LOL wierd how our minds start working huh!

Em said...

Avery got her first scraped knee a couple days ago in my mom and dad's driveway. Many more to come I'm sure! Poor guys.

Sarah J said...

Hey Ali! So much fun to see your family pics and updates. I try to check every couple of days. Blogging looks like so much fun. However, I don't think I can add another thing for me to "waste time on" during the day...if you know what I mean....

Love ya!