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Okay, so there are soooooo many cool things I could have blogged about over the past few days, but something terrible has happened. My digital camera is broken! The battery wouldn't charge, so we figured it was bad. So Dave bought me a new one yesterday. We charged it all night and woke up this morning anxious so take some pictures. We put the darn thing in the camera and do you think it worked? Heck no! I'm so sad! It's such a good camera, but I just don't know what to do! Anyway, I had to share with you guys. And don't be surprised if my next few blogs are picture-less... :( So to add a little spice to my blog (since there are no pictures), I have added a peppy little song...one that makes me happy...just imagine John Travolta walking down the sidewalk in his tight white pants. Haha!


Lucky Me...

I am so, so lucky and blessed!

I had the awesome privilege of attending our church's women's retreat this past weekend. I was so excited to be able to spend this time with all of these amazing women. There were women there that I've known my entire life. Those are the ones I've grown to admire just by watching them in their walks with the Lord and in their interactions with their families. Then there were the ladies that I didn't know very well, but got to know better at the retreat. And what a blessing that was!

I learned so much! I realized that I can reflect God's glory if I don't let anything or anyone get in the way of me and the Father. And that's what I came home wanting to do...reflect God's glory and let His light shine through me in all that I do and say.

These are some of the ladies that I spent the weekend with. Each of them hold a special place in my heart...

...and these beautiful ladies are my cousin Karm, my Aunt Marci, my nana, and my mom.

I missed my hubby and my boys so much while I was gone! But Dave did such a great job taking care of everything. I came home to a clean house: laundry had been done and folded, dishwasher had been unloaded and loaded up again! Plus he had to take Hunter to the Dr. twice! I am so lucky and blessed to have had this wonderful experience and a loving husband who took a day and half off work to take care of our kids so I could go.


My Mother's Day / Birthday Weekend!

Okay, this may be information and/or picture overload, but I just can't help it. I had so much fun this weekend! Friday afternoon Hunter & Coop enjoyed some flag football at a friend's birthday party. Apparently Coop didn't understand the "flag" part - he was just tackling everyone.

Then Friday evening, I thought Dave was taking me to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant for my birthday. But he pulled one over on me because we ended up having a huge barbeque at my parents' house - and all of my favorite people were there! (I wish my sisters would have been able to make it, though). It was a wonderful "surprise" 30th birthday party! Even though I didn't turn 30 until yesterday... just wanted to make that clear :)

Saturday we spent the morning rooting for our brother-in-law's baseball team, then I went to a ladies' dessert social at church. More of my many favorite people were there, including my Nana, my mom, my aunt, and my best bud...Katy!

Ah, and then Mother's Day... a day that I have grown to love since I've been a mom. Not only do I get to honor my wonderful mom, but my kids and my husband honor me! And anyone that knows me knows that I love the attention. The day consisted of: church, a little baseball in my sister and brother-in-law's huge backyard, great food, and some Guitar Hero (which I am now addicted to. Honey, can we please get Guitar Hero?)

Lastly, here is a picture of our two new fish, Squirt and Chewy. We've had them for about two days now and they're still alive, so I'm hoping they'll stay that way for a good long time! Thanks to everyone who had a part in making my weekend so enjoyable. My friends and family truly mean the world to me...


A Wonderful Weekend!

Wow! I just have to say that I have not had a weekend like this for a LONG time! Don't get me wrong - we have fun EVERY weekend, but this one was special because I did so many fun things with so many of the people I love.

Unfortunately, I left my camera at my brother-in-law's house on Saturday, but my parents let me use their camera yesterday for Mother's Day. So as soon as I retrieve my camera and get all of our pictures downloaded, have I got a post for you! Here is what made it so FUN...

1) No school for Hunter on Friday - we had lots of fun together!
2) Surprise birthday party for me on Friday night!
3) FUN ladies dessert social at church Saturday afternoon!
4) FUN get-together at Dave's brother's house Saturday night!
5) Mother's Day: Church, FUN BBQ at my sister's, a Target shopping spree, and last but not least - 2 new fish to replace our Nemo!

I can't wait to blog all of this! Stay tuned!


My Mom

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. And each year I find myself more and more grateful for my mom. She is the perfect definition of love. She has helped shape me and mold me into who I am today, and I can only pray that I'm as good of a mom to my boys as she has been to me and my sisters. So...Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Thank you for all of your selfless acts of kindess throughout my life. You truly are my best friend!


R.I.P Nemo

As my sister, Ashlee, always says, "Sad day". Our beloved fish, Nemo, died yesterday. We have had that little guy since Hunter's third birthday! Our whole family was terribly upset. I suspect others who knew Nemo will be upset, too, when they hear the news.

I could tell something was up - he hadn't been swimming around that much, or eating a lot. But I didn't think he was sick! I definitely wasn't prepared for how sad we'd all feel! Hunter and I shed more than a few tears, and even Coop understood what was going on. Dave (Nemo's primary food-giver and tank cleaner-outer) felt sad, too.

Hunter and I have a date on Friday to go to the pet store and get a new fish. Hopefully our new one will be as great and fun as Nemo was.



New Look!

Hey, everyone! My blog page has a new look! I got brave and decided to look for new templates (other than the ones they supply on blogspot). Well, I found this really great site: http://cutestblogontheblock.blogspot.com

These templates are free! There are a whole bunch of them - something for everyone! She asks that you give a shout out to her if you use one of the free blogs, so here is my shout out! Go check this site out if you're in need of a little facelift. It was easy to do - only took about 2 minutes.

IN OTHER NEWS: Coop slept in his big boy bed last night! Dave put him in there, covered him up, and he was asleep! However, as we speak, the nap isn't going so well. That kid. More Coop/big boy bed updates (and pictures) to come!


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I feel somewhat compelled to wish all of my friends and family a Happy Cinco de Mayo. I don't know why, it's just in my Mexican blood, I guess. So go do something to celebrate, everyone! Convince your husbands you need to at least go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. I doubt they'd protest that...

PS: Mark it down. One week from today I am turning 30. Is that over the hill? 'Cause I don't feel over the hill. Maybe at the top of the hill, but surely not over it. Anyway - these are my thoughts of the day. Let's hope my kids do something funny soon so I can blog about it! Haha!


Argh, Matey!

A mysterious thing happened in kindergarten a couple of days ago. The 'X' from their alphabet line went missing! Hunter's teacher had told the children they may have to go look for it if it didn't show up soon, so Hunter woke up yesterday morning excited to find out where their 'X' had gone to. Knowing something might be up, I said," 'X' marks the spot", which got his wheels turning. He actually tried to get me to let him wear his pirate hat (the one Coop's wearing in the pictures) to school, but the mean Mommy said "no".

So when I picked him up in the afternoon, all the kids came outside wearing pirate hats they had made. Turns out some mean pirates had hidden the 'X', but left a treasure map for them to try to find it. And they did! The pirate also left them 'X'-shaped cookies! To add to the fun day, their caterpillars (which they'd been feeding and taking care of for a couple of weeks) turned into butterflies yesterday! Ah, kindergarten - you gotta love it!
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