Argh, Matey!

A mysterious thing happened in kindergarten a couple of days ago. The 'X' from their alphabet line went missing! Hunter's teacher had told the children they may have to go look for it if it didn't show up soon, so Hunter woke up yesterday morning excited to find out where their 'X' had gone to. Knowing something might be up, I said," 'X' marks the spot", which got his wheels turning. He actually tried to get me to let him wear his pirate hat (the one Coop's wearing in the pictures) to school, but the mean Mommy said "no".

So when I picked him up in the afternoon, all the kids came outside wearing pirate hats they had made. Turns out some mean pirates had hidden the 'X', but left a treasure map for them to try to find it. And they did! The pirate also left them 'X'-shaped cookies! To add to the fun day, their caterpillars (which they'd been feeding and taking care of for a couple of weeks) turned into butterflies yesterday! Ah, kindergarten - you gotta love it!
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Katy said...

So cute Ali! I love the pirate pictures! Those boys are going to give the girls a run for their money someday! What a fun Kindergarten day!

Em said...

Cute pictures. Kindergarten seems so far away, but Everyone keeps telling it's right around the corner.