Battle Wounds

Poor Hunter. Poor Coop. They BOTH scraped their right elbows over the weekend!

Hunter's accident happened when we were at my parents' house Friday afternoon and he ran across the road to get a ball. I wasn't there, but my Dad said Hunter was so paranoid that a car was going to come, that he raced across and fell. It was big drama... glad I was at Safeway! (Um - is that a bad thing for a Mom to say?)

Then poor Coop was running to try to catch up with us at Awana on Sunday evening and bifffed on the sidewalk. More big drama. I don't think I've heard the word "owie" that much since...well, forever!

So here are my poor babies and their scraped and bruised right elbows. With the way they play, I'm sure this is just the beginning of our "owie" adventures!
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More Soccer Fun

Last night Hunter had another soccer game. Our coach was gone on vacation so Dave agreed to step in and coach. He did a good job (except we suffered our first loss of the season!) You may be asking, "How do you know if you lost if you don't keep score?" And I just have to say... I try not to keep score, but I can't help it! The other coach conveniently called the game right after their team scored the winning goal - we were tied up until then. Okay, but enough of my grumbling... Hunter did great! He scored two goals and luckily I had run to the car to get my camera and caught one of those goals on video. So here is my awesome little guy's first highlight reel. After he scores his goal, there's not much to the rest of the video so feel free to turn it off. NOTE: PLEASE PARDON MY HARD-ON-THE-EARS "WOO-HOOING". Even I myself can't stand the sound of my "woo-hooing" on videos. :) ANOTHER NOTE: HUNTER IS #53, MAROON JERSEY, THE ONE IN THE BLACK STOCKING HAT.


Carousel Ride!

Seeing as how this has been a pretty un-eventful week
(I had the flu from Monday to Saturday), I thought I'd share
some more recent pictures of when we went to Seattle
for Opening Day.

We love going to the SuperMall in Auburn. I love it for the Gap
and the Old Navy, Dave loves it because of that HUGE
Sports Authority store, and the boys love it because of...the Carousel!

Coop's always a little nervous, but he warmed up after a few times around. Enjoy your day, and hopefully I'll have more to blog about soon!

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We Love Red Robin!

I am just messing around with this Picasa picture website.
Other blogger friends have done cool things like this on
their blogs and I wanted to find out how. So here are a
couple of recent pictures of us at Red Robin!

Hunter always sits with me and Coop always sits with Dave.
This is usually because Cooper sometimes decides he wants
to get down and explore the restaurant or something and my
patience/tolerance for that kind of nonsense is about zilch
come dinner-time! Haha! Anyway, enjoy the pics and have
a great day!
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Welcome To The Gun Show. . .

Warmer weather and tons of sun this weekend brought our first sunburns of the year. It's so sad that I say "first" sunburns, but it's true. I always make sure we have sunscreen on, but the sun always finds my fair-skinned boys. Coop actually got it worse than Hunter. And I think I got it worst of all :(

So seeing as how the boys' bodies were sunburned and sore, we busted out the wife-beaters to wear to bed. (Also just occured to me that it's sad that we call those little white tank tops wife-beaters, but I learned that term when I worked at the middle school and it stuck. . . ) So when they woke up in the morning and sat in the chair like they always do, Dave thought the sight of them sitting there was funny and decided to make the statement, "Let me see those guns!"

Flexing muscles is something all the men in my house do. Daddy starts it by lifting weights in the garage and then coming into the house and making us feel his arms. Ew. So the competition begins. . .
Hunter taunts, "My arm muscles are bigger than yours, Dad."
"You think so, son? Let's see."
Then Coop chimes in, "Look at my muscles, Daddy. Feel 'em. Feel 'em."

I told Dave one day those boys are gonna be out there in the garage lifting weights with him. And benching more! Haha!

So welcome to the gun show. (And send up a prayer for me - the only girl in this testosterone-filled house!)

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Me and Coop

I love Cooper. We are quite attached to each other, actually. But whoever started the saying "Terrible Twos" hit the nail on the head! Cooper is sneaky, mischievious, and sometimes downright mean! But for some reason - what I think is naughty - everyone else thinks is hilarious!

We spend every day together while Dave's at work and Hunter's at school. I love it. . . most of the time. But he is so bossy! He is talking so much, and we're really proud of that. However each statement he makes is a demand. "Dad, don't touch my life!" (He thinks I'm his wife:) but he can't say his w's. Or the other day we pulled into the Safeway parking lot and he shouts from the back seat, "You buy me a donut! Alright, Mama?"

So yesterday it was naptime, which he hates. I shout from the kitchen, "Coop - naptime!" No response. It had been a long morning and I wasn't really up for a fight, so I made my way to the living room where I found him sitting in the middle of the floor with his blanket on his head. I crawled right up to him and whispered to him, "Coop - naptime." And he whispers back, "No Mama - I hiding." Awwwww. This little stinker can just melt my heart! So this is probably the first of many funny Coop blogs!


Softball Season Starts With A Bang!

It's officially begun. Softball, that is.

Everyone who knows us knows that softball is a huge part of our lives. I grew up at the softball fields, as my dad pitched for our (very successful) church-league team. So when Dave got asked to play, I was excited. He's been playing for about 7 years now and this is the third year he's been the coach. But I like to think that I'm the actual behind-the-scenes coach and he just owns the title. :) Hunter and Coop have so much fun, too. They have a lot of little friends that they look forward to playing with, and they spend a lot of time in the dug-out with their Daddy. They're always aware of whether we're winning or losing, and they never miss the opportunity to shake hands with the other team after the game and then run to home plate to get in the huddle with the guys.

Anyway, our first tournament was this past weekend at the TRAC in Pasco, and we won 1st place! Each game was close, only being decided by a few runs. But they were able to hang on in the championship and they won 21-18. We were all pumped and we're ready and anxious to see how the rest of the season plays out. Hopefully all of the tournaments turn out this great!


Soccer Has Resumed

Hooray for Hunter! Soccer has started up again and last night was the first game of the spring season. Our team did so good! We were a little rusty at the beginning (they hadn't played since October), but in the second half we scored lots of goals and surged ahead! Although we don't keep score - yeah right - in this competitive family? Please.

It was a really fun evening. Hunter even scored a goal! One of his teammates passed it to him and Hunter kicked it in! We all shouted and screamed as he ran down the field pumping his fist and grinning a huge grin. We knew he was excited. I told Dave I haven't laughed that much in a long time! But on the other hand, I am one of those moms who yells loudly from the sidelines, so Dave says I need to work on that. I told him we'll see.

So as I was tucking Hunter in last night I told him we were proud of him and asked him what his favorite part of the game was. I was sure he would say "when I scored my goal". But moving his eyebrows up and down with a sneaky little grin on his face he said, "When I tripped that kid." OH BROTHER..... So there you have it. We keep score and we trip people. Don't mess with us.


Opening Day 2008

We go to Opening Day every year. It's become a tradition we all look forward to. Coop was the most excited this year, though. He asked me every morning for a week if that was the day we were going to Seattle to see Ichiro.
We went over Sunday morning, hit the outlets and had a nice dinner at our favorite kid-friendly place, Red Robin. Then yesterday we went to the game - it was freezing! I regret this is the only picture I took. I wish I'd have had someone take a picture of all of us. We looked pretty good all decked out in our Mariner apparel.
Anyway, they won 5-2! And now we know what the boys will be doing every night at 7:10 PM....... sitting in front of the TV watching the M's!

I'm a blogger!

Okay, well - I'm a blogger now. My friend Katy recently started one and I thought, "Hey! I want to do that!" I can already hear Dave saying, "La Familia Kleinow - what kind of name is that?" I don't know, it just popped into my head. It had to have a little Mexican flare!

So here it is! It's a work in progress, so be patient. But hopefully it will be a great, easy way to let you all know what's happening here in the Kleinow household. (And hopefully I will not get carried away and spend every waking moment on here)! I think I will pledge to myself to at least be dressed and have my kids fed before tending to my blog. Haha!

Add us to your favorites and check back often. Don't miss any of the exciting action!

Bye for now..................