We Love Red Robin!

I am just messing around with this Picasa picture website.
Other blogger friends have done cool things like this on
their blogs and I wanted to find out how. So here are a
couple of recent pictures of us at Red Robin!

Hunter always sits with me and Coop always sits with Dave.
This is usually because Cooper sometimes decides he wants
to get down and explore the restaurant or something and my
patience/tolerance for that kind of nonsense is about zilch
come dinner-time! Haha! Anyway, enjoy the pics and have
a great day!
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Katy said...

I hear ya! Mike always has Cole by him and I think Joey is going to have to start sitting on his other side! I want a Red Robin Chicken Ceaser wrap and I want one NOW! : )

Em said...

Isn't picasa fun!! I'm with Katy, I want a chicken caesar wrap, and I want it now... Love your pictures!

Angie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the contest. It's fun to hear when someone I don't really know reads my blog.

I also stop by and read your's often. Your boys are so cute. Aren't boys fun??

Good Luck winning the mug!