A Surprise Visit...

Last week Coop and I were in my room folding laundry, when we heard a strange noise outside on the deck. I peeked out and saw a mama duck quacking loudly at her TEN baby ducklings! I quickly grabbed my camera and picked Coop up (since he had no shoes). Our yard is in the process of getting totally redone, and it was pretty filthy out there, but we still had fun following them around the side of the house and watching them cross the street to the canal. Coop could NOT stop giggling. :) Heck, I couldn't either, for that matter!

Here's the mama with two of her babies...the others are down on the deck

Oh gosh, I wish I would have cropped those dandelions out of there - haha!

Hunter was so upset when we told him about it after school. He keeps going out there everyday and running in excitedly saying, "Mom! I think the ducklings came back because I just went outside and I saw some baby duck footprints!" LOLOL!

When the yard is done, I'll do a before/after post...it's going to be incredible! We can't wait 'til it's done!


Field Trip Fun!

Last Wednesday, Hunter's class went on a field trip to the Children's Museum and Howard Amon Park in Richland. I offered to chaperone, but got to thinking that Cooper would probably like to go too, so he and I just drove up and joined in on the fun. It was a super day!

Katy, Cole, Joey, Eli and Faith met us there for lunch, too! Gracie was at school, but we missed her. :) Hunter and Cooper were so happy to see those guys, that they just played and played the whole time, and Hunter hardly even played with anyone from his class! The weather was absolutely perfect - not too hot, not too cold. All in all, it was a really great day, and we were so pleased to be able to spend time with our good friends, The Isley's! We can't wait 'til school's out so we can do all kinds of fun stuff with them whenever we want!

Hunter on the zip-line - so fun!

Coley, Coop, JoJo and Hunter - best pals!


Mother's Day Moments...

Okay, this may come as quite a shock to some of you, but to most of you who know me - you will laugh in agreement that this statement I am making about myself is true: I love days that celebrate...me. Namely, Mother's Day and my birthday - which this year just happen to be two days apart. Tomorrow we will celebrate my 31st birthday, but this post is about the wonderful Mother's Day I spent with my beloved family yesterday. It was one of the best, funnest days EVER!

First, I just have to brag about what my hubby did for me on Saturday. I spent all day at church having a fabulous ladies' retreat day with a bunch of really fun women. And boy, did he and the boys have some surprises for me when I got home that night - a beautiful new ceiling fan installed in the living room and a huge new patio umbrella on the deck! (Our old one had gotten broken last week during a wind storm). I'm tellin' ya...Dave out-does himself EVERY YEAR!!

Then on Sunday morning, I got some really sweet homemade cards from the boys and a Target gift card! I am so spoiled, it's not even funny. :)

Sunday morning, we took Dave's mom and family out to breakfast. We had a really fun time together and ate some really yummy food. Even the boys ate a little, which was a plus because I didn't have to yell at them on Mother's Day...or at least not at that moment, haha! We got to see them all again that night, when we went over to their house for ribs and baked potatoes! Everyone was laughing at me when I told them I'd never eaten ribs before. Seriously! And they were sooooooo good! I made such a mess! :)

Between breakfast and dinner, we went to church, and were uplifted and encouraged by Pastor Paul's great sermon on moms. Then we enjoyed a barbeque with my parents and a whole bunch of family and friends. The day just couldn't have been any better - well it could have if Ash could have been there! (Plus, mom made me a birthday cake, and we all know how excited that made me - LOLOLOL!) Oh, and Cooper gave me a mother's day head-butt and split my lip open when I was chewing him out for throwing a fit...now that is one Mother's Day moment I'll never forget!

I adore these women - my Aunt Marci, my Mama, and my Nana.

It has lately become impossible to take a nice family picture...someone either has their eyes closed or is picking their nose!
I sincerely hope all of you who are moms had a wonderful day full of blessings and laughter!