Toby Mac!

A wonderful weekend was capped off on Sunday with an early birthday lunch for Hunter at Red Robin and the Brandon Heath / TobyMac concert.  After church we went to Sports Authority where Hunter picked out the most awesome new baseball glove!  He seemed a little confused as to why we were telling him that this was his birthday present...I think he was a little bit sad, thinking maybe he wouldn't get any presents on his birthday, but there is a possibility that he will.  :)

Then to Red Robin, where Aunt Kris, Uncle Kev, Nana and Papa all met us.  Hunter said he just wanted the birthday sundae, not the singing...but that doesn't fly in this family.  Ha!  So we had the singing and the balloon and the sundae and all of that.  He tried really hard not to smile.  That must be a 9 year old boy thing? 

It was chilly standing in line waiting for the doors to open for the concert, but we kept busy by laughing at what people were wearing...I know, I know...making fun of people at a Christian concert sounds funny to me too, but seriously!  It's like you just want to say, "Excuse me, but did you put that on on purpose?" 

We found some good seats, then Coop noticed that a little boy in front of us had a new pair of TobyMac drumsticks.  He proceeded to whine about how we "needed" to take him to buy a souvenir.  I'm positive he feels like he is entitled to a souvenir everywhere we go because my dad actually does buy him something wherever we go!  I gave him a piece of candy instead.  LOL!  Meanwhile, Hunter started to act a little weird.  He put his hood on and jammed his hands in his pockets like he was bored. 

House of Heroes was the little opener band...they were good.  Brandon Heath followed, and he was awesome!  He has a really great voice, and it was fun to see the looks on the boys' faces when they realized they knew most of the songs.  Coop proclaimed, "Hey mom!  They play these songs on K-LOVE!"  Next came intermission, or "halftime" as Coop called it.  At this point, Hunter actually perked up, but only because Dave told him he'd buy him some popcorn. 

Then the lights went off and the countdown began.  2:00 flashed on the big screens in neon green lights...and counted all the way down to zero.  We were all on our feet screaming and going nuts!  Well, everyone in the arena except for...you guessed it...Hunter.  I tried to get some good pictures, but I have a really bad camera.  So I just decided to take it all in and try to remember it.  It was so fun watching Coop dance and clap and wave his hands in the air.  He grabbed my cell phone and started waving that too.  He was all-smiles the whole time.  Hunter waved Dave's phone around for about 2 seconds.  The ONLY point that I saw him actually smile was when he looked across the aisle and some old ladies were dancing around and waving their hands in the air and shouting.  Hunter poked me and pointed them out and we both laughed really hard.  :) 

There is just something about that music that gets me excited about Jesus.  I mean, TobyMac is a self-proclaimed 'Jesus Freak', so why can't I be one too?  I have a feeling it's not the last time we see him in concert...let's hope next time ALL of my family will enjoy it!  Ha!