Welcome To The Gun Show. . .

Warmer weather and tons of sun this weekend brought our first sunburns of the year. It's so sad that I say "first" sunburns, but it's true. I always make sure we have sunscreen on, but the sun always finds my fair-skinned boys. Coop actually got it worse than Hunter. And I think I got it worst of all :(

So seeing as how the boys' bodies were sunburned and sore, we busted out the wife-beaters to wear to bed. (Also just occured to me that it's sad that we call those little white tank tops wife-beaters, but I learned that term when I worked at the middle school and it stuck. . . ) So when they woke up in the morning and sat in the chair like they always do, Dave thought the sight of them sitting there was funny and decided to make the statement, "Let me see those guns!"

Flexing muscles is something all the men in my house do. Daddy starts it by lifting weights in the garage and then coming into the house and making us feel his arms. Ew. So the competition begins. . .
Hunter taunts, "My arm muscles are bigger than yours, Dad."
"You think so, son? Let's see."
Then Coop chimes in, "Look at my muscles, Daddy. Feel 'em. Feel 'em."

I told Dave one day those boys are gonna be out there in the garage lifting weights with him. And benching more! Haha!

So welcome to the gun show. (And send up a prayer for me - the only girl in this testosterone-filled house!)

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Katy said...

Sounds like you need another girl in that house! :) Cute pictures. Cole loves to show his guns too!

Em said...

Love the pictures. I was worried Avery was going to get a sunburn last sunday! But she did alright. I hope she ends up with skin like her daddy and never burns

Colleen said...

wife beaters...that makes me giggle! I can't believe how big Mr Cooper is getting. Too fast I tell ya...too fast.