H-Dawg's 1st day of 2nd grade!

Today was Hunter's first day of school. He's a big 2nd grader now...I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that, but I'm holding it together. Kora is here today, too. It actually feels good to get up early and get some things done before the kids are awake. I managed to get dishes done, as well as laundry started and breakfast made before 8:00! We didn't seem to have any trouble getting back into the swing of things...hopefully everyone will adjust easily! Here are the annual First-Day-of-School pictures - Hunter sure is changing and growing each year! Coop too, for that matter!
Awww, these guys actually love each other, they just don't act like it most of the time!
Hunter, Kora and Coop - they were all excited to see each other this morning!
This is Hunter's 1st day of 1st grade picture...
1st grade seems like just yesterday...:(
1st day of Kinder...waaaaaa! Ok, maybe I shouldn't have done this...
Hunter has chubby cheeks in this pic! And look how teeny Coopie is!
Well, Cooper starts preschool in a week or two, so we'll have more pictures to share on that day. I'm praying he adjusts to that well. Getting up and eating and getting dressed has always been on HIS time, and we'll have to hurry him up - not sure how he'll deal with that. We will just have to wait and see!


Coop Turns the Big 4!

Friday night we had Coop's 4th birthday party. The weather was perfect for a backyard party, and everyone enjoyed themselves. We had 6 kids here, which was perfect for the pinata-hitting...even Dave, Ryno and Uncle Jr. joined in the fun. :)

Ohana (my cousin Chris's daughter from Ohio), Naya, Coop, Zags, Hunter, Keirrah, Kaitlyn

Coop takin' a wild swing at the pinata!

Ohana was a little timid at first, but then she got into it...

Everyone else's bags were full of candy, but Coop's was only half full so the girls shared. :)

Coop got a TON of cool presents...he actually had fun opening them this year!

Mommy's favorite present...a Bumblebee Transformer costume from Aunt Kris & Uncle Kev.

The next day, which was Coop's actual birthday, we had a Trevino family reunion up at my Aunt Mindi's house. It was so good to see everyone and the cousins had lots of fun playing together. We don't get together very often, and my Uncle Jr. hadn't been here from Ohio for two years, so it was really special.

Rylin, Hunter & Coop, Trevyn, Sydnie, Brielle and Ohana

Uncle Jr. , my dad, cousin Troy and his wife Susan, Uncle Ruben and his wife Denise.

Uncle Jr. , Uncle Ruben, my dad, Aunt Mindi
Had to throw this one in...two tired parents after two days of birthday celebrations!


4th Place at State!

This past weekend, we went to Bellingham (Ferndale, actually) for Dave's State softball tournament. We weren't sure how we'd do, since we only had 10 guys and the season has been a bit disappointing, but they really showed what they were made of and came home with a 4th place plaque! Out of 18 teams, we all thought that was pretty darn good.

The season is dying down now, but we've had a lot of fun. Our softball friends are really special to us, and we love spending time with them. We do a lot of laughing and joking around, that's for sure!

The kids are not allowed in the dugout, so they just have to stand outside of it and cheer. :)

Coop has that Mariners hat on ALL THE TIME!

Between games...adjusting the knee brace. He's sore, but happy. :)
Nice red pants!
I'm sad Coop has his eyes closed, otherwise this would be a sweet picture!

Dad and his biggest fans...Coop and dorky Hunter!

Hunter had just proclaimed that he "hates tournaments", but he looks pretty happy here...
Coop and Samantha are birthday twins...born the same day/same year/same hospital. :) They are best buds whenever we're at games.
Dave's team: Demolition Softball - 4th place State Championships 2009
In two more days, we'll be heading to Wenatchee for another State Championship in a different association. We're hoping we can do even better this time!