Soccer Has Resumed

Hooray for Hunter! Soccer has started up again and last night was the first game of the spring season. Our team did so good! We were a little rusty at the beginning (they hadn't played since October), but in the second half we scored lots of goals and surged ahead! Although we don't keep score - yeah right - in this competitive family? Please.

It was a really fun evening. Hunter even scored a goal! One of his teammates passed it to him and Hunter kicked it in! We all shouted and screamed as he ran down the field pumping his fist and grinning a huge grin. We knew he was excited. I told Dave I haven't laughed that much in a long time! But on the other hand, I am one of those moms who yells loudly from the sidelines, so Dave says I need to work on that. I told him we'll see.

So as I was tucking Hunter in last night I told him we were proud of him and asked him what his favorite part of the game was. I was sure he would say "when I scored my goal". But moving his eyebrows up and down with a sneaky little grin on his face he said, "When I tripped that kid." OH BROTHER..... So there you have it. We keep score and we trip people. Don't mess with us.


Katy said...

Cute Ali! That doesn't surprise me that Hunter said that, that kid is a crack up! We had a great time yesterday! Thanks for coming to visit!

Colleen said...

He's funny! You and Katy are making me wanna blog. It's almost like a scrapbook. LOL Hey isn't Hunter going to do Tee-ball or whatever you guys have up there? Seth started last week. He's no Big Papi but he still likes it.
Weena :)