Me and Coop

I love Cooper. We are quite attached to each other, actually. But whoever started the saying "Terrible Twos" hit the nail on the head! Cooper is sneaky, mischievious, and sometimes downright mean! But for some reason - what I think is naughty - everyone else thinks is hilarious!

We spend every day together while Dave's at work and Hunter's at school. I love it. . . most of the time. But he is so bossy! He is talking so much, and we're really proud of that. However each statement he makes is a demand. "Dad, don't touch my life!" (He thinks I'm his wife:) but he can't say his w's. Or the other day we pulled into the Safeway parking lot and he shouts from the back seat, "You buy me a donut! Alright, Mama?"

So yesterday it was naptime, which he hates. I shout from the kitchen, "Coop - naptime!" No response. It had been a long morning and I wasn't really up for a fight, so I made my way to the living room where I found him sitting in the middle of the floor with his blanket on his head. I crawled right up to him and whispered to him, "Coop - naptime." And he whispers back, "No Mama - I hiding." Awwwww. This little stinker can just melt my heart! So this is probably the first of many funny Coop blogs!


Em said...

Cooper is such a cutie. I love the "don't touch my life" comment. Funny the things that come out of their mouths.

I have gone pretty crazy with this blogging thing, but I can't help it!! I love it. I put up quite a bit today. It's kind of like scrap booking, but without the papery mess lol.

Katy said...

Cooper reminds me so much of Cole! Sneaky was the middle name. I always knew if Cole was quite trouble was waiting for me! What a kid!
Love ya,