First M's Games of the Season

Two weekends ago, we took the boys to Seattle for a very fun, long-anticipated weekend of fun.
Friday afternoon was spent at Gameworks, playing video games (and lots of Skee Ball). We met up with Mike, Katy, Gracie & Cole for just a few minutes and Katy beat me in basketball. I demand a rematch. LOL!

Then Friday night was Ken Griffey, Jr. Bobblehead Night at the Mariners game, so of course that was the most important part of the day. We didn't even have to stand in line that long, so that was a plus! Our seats were down the third base line in the 6th row. Not the closest we've ever sat, but awesome seats anyway! The Mariners won 11-3 that night...lots of hits and runs and cheering and jumping up and down. (Except for when Coop fell asleep on my lap, which changed my jumping up and down to just giving high fives).

Coop, Hunter & Daddy trying to catch a ball during batting practice
Gotta have licorice...
The boys sported their Ken Griffey Jr. shirts that Nana & Papa bought them.

I love this picture!

Ha! Love this picture too!

Wow, we look sleepy there, don't we?

We were able to stay at our friends' house, which is where my little sis, Ashlee, lives too. So Saturday she came with us to lunch at Red Robin and to Funland in Tukwila, where we played miniature golf (or Mariner golf, as Coop likes to call it), drove the Go-Karts and Bumper Boats. Dave & I also rode on a swinging-back-and-forth ride of some sort, and I have to admit...the bungee thing I did last year at the Puyallup fair was A LOT less scary than this one. I won't be going on it again.

Then Sunday, we went to the Mariners game again! It was Felix Hernandez jersey day for all the kids, so the boys got jerseys. They are XL's, so they'll have to grow into them, I guess. Even though the M's lost, we still had fun. Ash was with us, and the boys fought over who got to sit by her. LOL!

Kanekoa Texeira, M's rookie pitcher who pitched in that game, signed Hunter's ball! He was pumped!

I came home from that weekend thinking that it had been one of the funnest weekends that I've ever spent with my family. As the boys get bigger, it is getting easier to take them places and trust that there won't be any fits or temper tantrums. The smile on their faces while we were doing all of those fun things were worth every dollar spent to make their weekend as fun as possible. Each and every day, I thank God for the blessings He's given us...but mostly for Hunter & Cooper. For without those little guys, our lives would be a lot less exciting!


Cal Ripken Baseball

Hunter has finally started playing baseball...on a REAL team..."with REAL uniforms"...as he likes to tell people.

It has been so fun to watch him and his team compete in their games. So many of them have made improvements, and we've only had two games! Their coach is really great - you can tell he loves the game and he is so good with the kids.

These pictures are from Hunter's first game. He played 1st base, and he did an AWESOME job. He caught almost everything that was thrown to him, plus he made several plays on his own. He is always looking to make a double play, too...which is funny.

#9 has been Dave's # throughout his sports career...still is today in softball! And since 51 wasn't available, Hunter picked 9. Couldn't have made Daddy any happier!

We will be playing for about 6 weeks, on Mondays and Wednesdays. He has soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we are pretty busy. But he is loving it and so are we. I just keep saying to myself, "Soak it in, Ali...because before you know it these times will be gone."


Spring Break and Easter!

Ah...spring break. We look forward to it every year, and every year it seems to fly by. But we really did have a fun time. We spent a few days at Kristal's house, went to a couple of movies, went out to lunch, to the library and shopped for Easter clothes. I loved having the boys here every day, and they loved being here too. They stayed up late and slept in. It was so nice!

Cooper likes to get outside with Daddy and "mow the lawn". He's such a great helper.

The boys love Zags, my sister's dog. She also has a bigger dog, which they are getting used to...but they wanted their picture taken "with just Zags. Ripken won't sit still." LOL

Easter was different this year...it definitely feels weird not to be with your own family on such an important holiday. But since my parents were out of town and Kris was having her in-laws over, I offered to have Dave's family over at our house, and despite my worrying everything turned out just fine. We taught Sunday School, had an awesome church service then came home and cooked up a storm. Our dinner was delicious! The boys hunted eggs in our backyard, and Daddy pitched balls to them later. It was a very enjoyable day!

I think part of why I was so joyful was that for the first time, I was truly focused on the TRUE reason we celebrate Easter. I mean, I have known from a very young age what it was about, but this year I was FOCUSED on what Jesus did for me. I FELT it all weekend. From Friday to Sunday, I could not stop thinking about the price He paid for us. And it was a wonderful feeling.