I'm a blogger!

Okay, well - I'm a blogger now. My friend Katy recently started one and I thought, "Hey! I want to do that!" I can already hear Dave saying, "La Familia Kleinow - what kind of name is that?" I don't know, it just popped into my head. It had to have a little Mexican flare!

So here it is! It's a work in progress, so be patient. But hopefully it will be a great, easy way to let you all know what's happening here in the Kleinow household. (And hopefully I will not get carried away and spend every waking moment on here)! I think I will pledge to myself to at least be dressed and have my kids fed before tending to my blog. Haha!

Add us to your favorites and check back often. Don't miss any of the exciting action!

Bye for now..................


Colleen said...

YIPPPEEEE!! You're a boggerboober too just like Katy! LOL Just kidding. You guys are making me want to do this darn thing too now. But my problem is I think I'm boring and no one would care...LOL.
I will check you out often!

Katy said...

Congratulations! LOL crazy fun huh! Are you addicted yet? I like your page! So creative! See you in a while!