7 Random/Weird Facts About Me

Katy "tagged" me and wants me to share 7 random or weird facts about myself...
WARNING: I am a very boring person.
1. I cannot roll my tongue or do the Star-Trek sign. (It's a shocker, I know).
2. I married my high-school sweetheart. I have loved him since I was about 16 years old (almost half my life)! I was 19 and he was 21 and we went to Disneyland for our honeymoon.
3. I am the oldest of three daughters, but we all consider ourselves to be tomboys :) We wouldn't have it any other way.
4. I lettered in Varsity volleyball, basketball and softball in high school, and was the secretary for the FFA. My favorite class was woodshop and I never took home-ec. Perhaps that is why I am lousy in the kitchen but I can build a mean bookcase.
5. I am on the verge of having a panic-attack each and every time I go to the dentist - even if it's for a cleaning. I have to take Hunter in today for two fillings and I just may ask for some of the nitrous.
6. I am terrified of cats. Katy used to have a cat named Daisy that freakin' freaked me out! Thank goodness Mike gave it away without talking to Katy first. Ha!
7. I can't drive a stick-shift. My dad tried to teach me, and so did Dave. I simply don't like people telling me how to do things; I got embarrassed if I messed up and I usually would start crying.
I'm actually supposed to "tag" 7 more people, but I can only think of a few gals that read my blog that might actually do this, so I'm tagging:
Hope you all enjoyed reading this jaw-dropping information. Tune in this weekend for Halloween pictures!


Whirlwind Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is usually a big deal at our house. Everyone has a pumpkin, everyone carves one...until this year. Dave got home from work later than usual and the boys and I had already eaten dinner. The boys had already had a bath, in fact! As soon as Dave walked through the door, Hunter & Coop were all over him, "Can we carve pumpkins? You said we could carve pumpkins!"

I had just gotten done working out and was tired, sweaty, and in need of a shower, but Dave wearily looked up and smiled, "Yup! We're carvin' pumpkins tonight!"

Awww, what a great Daddy! So he wolfed down his dinner and the carving began. I didn't have enough newspaper, so I unrolled an old roll of wrapping paper and laid it out across the table. But Coop only wanted to draw on his pumpkin, not do anything else to it. He ran away screaming when Dave wanted him to help take the guts out. He found the tube from the wrapping paper and played with it the whole time - never came back over to the table. So Daddy did Coop's pumpkin.

Hunter drew an awesome face on his pumpkin. We cut the top off and Hunter got some guts out, but had to go wash his hands about every other minute (that look on his face says it all), so I finally took over.
I look so gross in this pic, but Coop looks so hilarious I just had to put it in...
Daddy and Mommy were then too tired to do our own pumpkins, so we quickly went outside, lit them up, took a couple of pictures and that was it. It seemed like a whirlwind and since not everyone participated, it wasn't even that much fun. But we did it. Maybe next year will be better! :)


6th Folder, 6th picture...

I got this idea from Katy's blog. You take the 6th picture out of your 6th folder of pictures and blog about it. And this exciting picture is the winner! It was taken in June of 06.

I drew a big WE MISS YOU AUNT ASH on a piece of paper and let the boys color all over it, then we were going to email her a picture of them holding up the sign. But as I think about it, I don't think we ever did! Oh well, now she can see it on my blog. We do still miss you, Ash!

Gosh, the boys look so little don't they?! I like this idea of blogging a random picture...we should do it more often ladies!


Naptime Nonsense

Sadly, my Coopie is fazing out of our naptime ritual. He puts up a good fight every afternoon, but usually stays in his room until he falls asleep. For the last couple of weeks, though, I've heard him kicking his wall and found him lying on the floor, etc. All kinds of ridiculous naptime nonsense is going on in there. Today topped the cake.

He didn't really cry when I put him down this afternoon, but he was pretty hyped up. He sang and talked to himself for a LONG time. But about 45 minutes later, I didn't hear him anymore. Yes, I thought to myself. He finally fell asleep. So I went in to take a peek at my handsome sleeping prince. And this is what I found:

"Taaaa Daaaa" he says, smiling very cute and innocent...
I took this video to show Dave, but I wanted to share it with you guys too. You might have to turn it way up. I took off my music so you could hear it better. When I ask him what he's doing, he says "cheesing". Then towards the end he tries to change the subject by telling me he likes pizza "all the time" and just saunters out of the room...CRAZY CHILD!

I couldn't be mad at him...that is the biggest tower he has ever built - and he did it in the dark without making a peep! My baby is growing up way too fast.



One year ago today, we arrived in Honolulu for 10 glorious days of blissful, kid-free paradise. I want to go back. I want to go back very badly. Like tomorrow would be nice.

I know you've all probably noticed my Hawaii slideshow over there to the right, but I've never really shared what exactly is in those pictures, so in honor of the one-year anniversary of our first (but definitely not last) trip to Hawaii, I'll give you all some details.

The day we got there I had the stomach flu. I'd battled it at home the whole day before, and I still wasn't quite over it once we got there. The humidity didn't help at all. So we only left our room once for Dave to get something to eat. I felt really bad, but Dave kept telling me it was okay and I'd be better in the morning. And sure enough, I woke up perfectly fine at 4:00 AM and was raring to go! (Time change people :)

Day 2: Pearl Harbor and a trip to the Aloha Bowl flea market
These are the names of people who lost their lives when the USS Arizona went down.

Day 3: We hiked to Diamond Head...and then we hiked to the TOP of Diamond Head!
Okay. We waited for the bus to take us to Diamond Head, but the bus was full. So an old man next to us says, "I know how to get there, do you just want to walk?" And my hubby says, "Sure!" Little did we know it was going to be a five mile uphill hike to the base of Diamond Head, then we had to hike to the top! And I was NOT happy. In fact, I remember throwing a fit or two. I also had to stop and eat some of the old man's trail mix because I thought I was going to hurl.

Once we got to the top and took in the gorgeous view, my mood changed a little...

Day 4: Polynesian Cultural Center
The bus picked us up around 10:30 AM and we spent the entire day there. It was very fun and included a luau and a cool show. We rolled back into our hotel at about midnight. It was a long, HOT day, but definitely one of the most enjoyable experiences of the trip.

Days 5, 6, 7: Lying on the beach, driving straight through the middle of the island and thinking we were driving around it - ha! , and connecting with an old friend (who took pity on us and drove us around the island the right way)!

Days 8, 9, 10: Submarine, dinner cruise, and lots of other stuff!
Yeah, that's a sea turtle!
We spent most of our time out on the deck taking in the stunning view of the Waikiki Beach skyline
There was a sign that said not to jump, but Dave normally doesn't follow the rules.
These guys are up on the sand just chillin' and sun-bathing.
Okay, sorry for the extremely long post, but it's been fun remembering our amazing time together in Hawaii. I hope it's not TOO long before we go back. It truly was a wonderful 10th anniversary present...thanks, honey!


Ali Loves Dave

How did I get so lucky? Tomorrow I get to go out of town to a friend's cabin to scrapbook with a group of girls. Hooray! But those who know me know it is extremely hard for me to leave my boys (including Dave). So I just got finished packing up the car and getting everything ready here at home so everyone has everything they need, and I'm thinking - God gave me such a great guy! Dave encourages me to go on these weekend trips to relax and clear my head and get away from the everyday life of "mom".

He had something he would have liked to do this weekend, but instead he put off those plans so I could do what I wanted to do. He's actually done that a lot throughout our marriage. And I just want him to know how much I appreciate it. I feel blessed that we can do things like this for each other, and I love and respect him more each and every day. I know he will do something fun with the boys while I'm gone, and they'll all have a great time. Hopefully that something might include buying me a new dishwasher? Ha!

Ali + Dave = FOREVER


Pickin' Pumpkins

Yesterday afternoon Mom called and asked if me and the boys wanted to take a little trip to the fruit stand to pick out some pumpkins. I'd just thrown Coop down for his nap, but do you think he was sleeping? NO. So I said we could go. It wasn't raining...yet!

We picked a few big ones and some smaller ones, but they didn't have any shocks (dried corn stalks tied in a bundle for decoration), so Dad called Nana and asked if we could come over to her field and cut some down.

Coop & Hunter trooped back and forth from Papa to the truck, carrying the stalks. After we got home, though, we were all ITCHY! I dug out my outside decorations and we were all set!

Looks cute, huh?
Hunter takes better pictures than me!
And then it started pouring - and I don't think it's even stopped since!