Two Black Eyes and the Flu

Okay, so this morning Hunter woke up with his left eye all puffed up...nearly swollen shut! I'd noticed all weekend that it was a little red, but this was waaaaayyy worse. I didn't think to take a picture, I just grabbed our antibiotic eye drops (it also happened in July, so we had medicine) and have been putting them in every three hours. After the first drops at 8:00 AM, the puffiness went considerably down! Now as I write this, it actually looks pretty good, but Dave just called me over and told me to look at the white part of Hunter's eyeball, which has a huge scratch on it...Coop probably scratched him. Ugh! Anyway, I just took a picture of his eye. You can tell it's swollen on the top lid and underneath, too. We'll continue to put the drops in for a few days - hopefully the drops will heal it up soon.
THEN - this afternoon Coop totally slammed into the front door and hit his face on the doorknob. I could tell it hurt because he did a sort-of "holding my breath" kind of cry. He finally told me where he hit and I could see his right eye swelling up pretty good. About ten minutes later there was a purple doorknob print right around his eye. OH. MY. GOSH.

All this on a day where Dave stayed home from work because he felt like he was getting the flu...he feels better now though, thank goodness! I have been doing a lot of praying over my family today...for God's healing touch in their bodies. I love these guys sooooo much, that I physically feel their pain when they're hurting! Currently they're all snuggled up watching that stupid show I despise, Monday Night Raw (wrestling). But at least they're all feeling somewhat better. It's safe to say eye'm ready for this day to be over and start fresh tomorrow! LOLOL!


Bikes and Bruises

Hunter got a new bike for his birthday. So a couple of weeks ago, Dave decided Hunter needed to learn how to ride it. I know, I know...he should ALREADY know how to ride his bike, but a few summers ago he took a spill in the park and he's been deathly afraid ever since. Hunter started off pretty scared, but with Daddy right beside him he got a little better and a little better...until he took another spill. So sad. Here are some pictures I took from the garage (our driveway was all torn up that weekend, waiting for our concrete). We are anxiously awaiting warmer weather so we can get out there and practice some more! There are going to be a lot of days this summer when we're going to want to ride our bikes over to Nana and Papa's to swim and slip n' slide!

Notice, he's stopped pedaling now that he feels Dave's hand let go of him...CRASH!

I know it's been a long time since I've blogged...we've been really busy, but I haven't taken many pictures! I promise there will be more blogging soon - softball starts this weekend! Yay!