A Preschool Field Trip...to Kindergarten!

Yesterday I went along with Coop on his field trip to a REAL kindergarten class! The preschoolers loaded into a mini-bus (for some, like Cooper, it was their first time on a bus) and it took us to the school, where we visited with a wonderful teacher and her class. It was very exciting! The kids listened to a story about butterflies, colored and cut out a butterfly, washed their hands in the "big-kid" bathroom, and played outside. It was a delightful day. :)
Coop & his friend Carl...all buckled up and ready to go!

...shaking hands with the principal...

Here's Coop coloring the most beautiful butterfly I've ever seen!

REAL butterflies!

What day at school is complete without a good climb on the jungle gym?

Even though Coop still has another year of preschool before heading out to kindergarten, I was so impressed by the way he behaved while he was there. I think he will follow in big brother's footsteps and be a very good student. :)

Scroll down for Mother's Day tea party/Mother's Day pictures!

Mother's Day Festivities

Me, my mom and Dave's mom had so much fun at Coop's Mother's Day Tea party last Friday. The tables were set so fancy, and we even drank actual tea from china tea cups! The preschoolers performed a few songs and gave their mommies some gifts they'd made us. I will be sure to hang on to those...they were precious!

Cooper and Grandma

Cooper and Nana

This is what my mommy looks like...he drew a picture of me. And the top-right picture is my favorite: This is what my mommy likes to do...I am so glad he knows I like to use the Clorox wipes! LOL!

Sunday was a very special day. The boys and Dave got me a GORGEOUS hanging basket and some really sweet cards. We cooked a big breakfast for my parents before church and gave my mom her present. I think she liked it. :) Then after church we went over to Dave's family's house and had a delicious bbq there. Dave's mom loved her gift too! The evening was spent in the hot tub, watching baseball and eating ice cream from Dairy Queen...couldn't have gotten any better than that! It is such a joy and a privilege to be a mom! When I look at my boys, I am reminded just how much God loves me...he gave me the most precious gifts in those two!
Ummm...please excuse the picture of me with no makeup!
I am also blessed to have a strong, kind, faithful, loving mom. I love her so much! Mother's Day gets sweeter and sweeter every year.