More Soccer Fun

Last night Hunter had another soccer game. Our coach was gone on vacation so Dave agreed to step in and coach. He did a good job (except we suffered our first loss of the season!) You may be asking, "How do you know if you lost if you don't keep score?" And I just have to say... I try not to keep score, but I can't help it! The other coach conveniently called the game right after their team scored the winning goal - we were tied up until then. Okay, but enough of my grumbling... Hunter did great! He scored two goals and luckily I had run to the car to get my camera and caught one of those goals on video. So here is my awesome little guy's first highlight reel. After he scores his goal, there's not much to the rest of the video so feel free to turn it off. NOTE: PLEASE PARDON MY HARD-ON-THE-EARS "WOO-HOOING". Even I myself can't stand the sound of my "woo-hooing" on videos. :) ANOTHER NOTE: HUNTER IS #53, MAROON JERSEY, THE ONE IN THE BLACK STOCKING HAT.


Katy said...

That is so cute! I couldn't find Hunter until your woo hooing! So thank goodness for that because then I could rewind and watch it again knowing which one was him, you know since they are all in in maroon jerseys and black stocking caps! LOL Go Hunter!

Em said...

I couldn't watch the video because I have this old fashioned thing on my computer called "dial up". But I'm sure it was great. It's nice to have proud momma moments isn't it?

Jeff and Amber Haynes said...

Happy to see he is well on his way to sports champion!! Haha It was good to see you guys yesterday. Keep those highlights coming.