Carving Pumpkins...Again!

Last Thursday, my parents came over and watched the kids while Dave and I went to the Life Options banquet. We came home to find two spooky-looking pumpkins on our front steps....

Hunter's pumpkin...ooooohhhh, scary!

Coop's pumpkin...even scarier, in my opinion. Ha!

Then last night, we decided we had another two pumpkins to carve, so we did those as well. We had fun, except I almost puked when I put my hands in to gut mine. I usually do get grossed out, but this one was BAD. Super slimy - yuck! I know, I'm such a whimp.

Coop drew all over one, which we decided not to carve...but he sure had a good time!

Hunter drew this one's scary face...he is quite the artist!

Dave's finished product! Not too shabby!

Mine - which was declared the winner by me. Ha!

Coop's, Dave's, Hunter's, mine - top to bottom

Carving pumpkins is seriously a tradition that will NEVER get old in our house. And I have a feeling the competition will continue to get better as the boys get older. I can't wait! Happy Halloween, everyone!


Last Soccer Game of '09

Last Thursday was Hunter's last soccer game of the season. It sure flies by, and we are always a little bummed when it's over. Each year, we grow more and more attached to our teammates. They are such fun little guys, and we really love watching them and getting to know their parents, brothers and sisters. It really is like a little soccer-family!

Standing: Giodani and Xavier, Middle: Mark, Jorge and Trevor, Front: Ben and Hunter

Even Aunt Kris got in on the cheering action!

Xavier's grandma always brings snacks on the last day...and we are always so impressed with what she comes up with!

Hunter had his best game of the season, scoring 3 goals! We were all pleased with his performance, and went out to El Rancho Alegre to celebrate afterwards. Our Mondays and Thursdays will be free now, until April, when it all begins again!


Hunter's Walk-a-Thon

Friday morning was Hunter's annual Walk-a-Thon at school. He raised over $160.00 for his class, thanks to my dad taking his sponsor sheet to work. He also had some other very generous donors, like Uncle Tony & Aunt Marci and Aunt Angie & Uncle Dan. :) Last year he won the prize for the most money raised, and he was really trying to win that prize again. We'll see once all the money is counted.

Kora & I went over to the school to watch and cheer for Hunter's class. They ran for 20 minutes, and Hunter did 11 laps in that time. He ran a lot, but towards the end he got a little winded and walked a bit. I was very proud of him. And I think he was proud of himself too!

Each and every day, I thank God for giving me my boys. Hunter is so smart, kind and witty. Even when he is nervous or upset about something, he is always making sure I am okay. And Coop brings so much fun and laughter to our house. He keeps us on our toes, but we can't begin to imagine our lives without him. I am so blessed!


A Visit to the Fire Station

Yesterday was Coop's field trip to the fire station. I arranged to not have to babysit that day so I could go with him, and I was so glad I did! We had so much fun! Coop's "buddy" was his friend Justin. They had to hold hands wherever they went, so no one would get lost. Justin was decked out in his Cougar clothes, and Coop was wearing his Husky jacket, so it was pretty hilarious.

The fire chief gave the kids a lot of good tips on fire safety. They learned to stop, drop and roll and were allowed to sit in a fire truck. They LOVED that part. :) Coop definitely did his best to impress me yesterday. Each and every time the teacher asked them to do something, he had to inform me of what they were doing. However I did notice that he is not always paying attention and occassionally goofs off when he's supposed to be listening, so I didn't know if it was just because I was there or if he acts like that all the time...hmmmmm.

It is such a joy to be able to go with my boys on their field trips. I have been going along on nearly all of their fun trips since Hunter was in preschool, which was 3 years ago! And even though they are the same kind of thing every year (police station, fire station, pumpkin patch, park, etc.) they never get boring! I hope these are times we all remember forever!