Who Doesn't Love the Fair?

We promised the boys we'd take them to the fair, so we went this Saturday...and what beautiful weather we had! We got there first thing in the morning, so it wasn't crowded at all. Here are some pictures of the day!
They were both afraid of a cute little piglet!
Coop kept calling all the rabbits "little guy"...it was hilarious!
Not afraid of a HUGE python, but afraid of a little piglet?
This dude clearly wanted out of his case

Hunter thought this was a tad bit boring, but he rode with Coop anyway.

Daddy & Coop on the airplanes! Hunter chose the pretty pink one in front of them...he got made fun of for that :)
I rode with Hunter on the Wacky Worm...
...and Coop rode with Dave! Coop had his hands in the air the ENTIRE time! It was too funny!
Be sure to scroll down and take a look at what we did on Sunday...another really fun day!


Lolli said...

Wow...what an awesome sunshiny day at the fair! It looks like you guys had a blast. How could it not be a day to remember when you got to ride on the "Wacky Worm"? Oh...the things we do for our kiddos;)

Colleen said...

scary scary piglets!! too funny. Looked like fun Ali. Can't wait to go scrapbooking!

Talk to you soon my dear!!!

Katy said...

The first time I tried to sit down to write a comment Eli was in my arms and it's too darn hard to type with one hand. Anyway, Gracie wanted me to say something about how cool it was that Hunter picked the pink ride! LOL Looks like you guys had a blast! Can't wait until next Friday!