Soccer Season Starts with a Bang!

Well, we know what we'll be doing every Thursday night for the next 5 weeks - SOCCER! We kicked off the season this past Thursday with a "win" over Prosser. I know we're not supposed to keep score, but PLEASE...do you know who you're talking to here? I'm only the loudest, most competitive mom on the planet!

It was a long day, start to finish. We had a little trouble getting to school on time because...well I don't remember why, I just remember we barely made it. Then Hunter had a dentist appointment that afternoon, which Dave took him to. I found out WAY later that he did great! No crying or whining, Hunter just bucked-up and took it like a man. (It was only a cleaning, but if you only knew what we've gone through during prior appointments...)

Anyway, Dave & Hunter never came home! I kept thinking, "Oh boy, he's really giving it to them this time. I'm sure glad Dave took him and not me." Finally, about 20 minutes before the game was supposed to start, I called Dave and asked him if he knew Hunter had his first game. And guess where those two were...Mabton! Dave had taken Hunter there to finish up a job he'd started earlier that day. Can you say ANNOYED?

Okay, so I hung up the phone and realized, "Oh crap - I have the snacks for tonight, but no drinks! I'll just call Dave back and tell him to meet me there." I quickly changed Coop's clothes, and ran to the bathroom to put a little hairspray in my frizzled hair, and I heard a dripping sound. I turned to my right and realized the toilet was overflowing! And no one had used that bathroom for like, 3 hours! Can you say FREAKING OUT?

I quickly mopped up that mess and then I heard a crash outside. Then another crash. I ran to the window to find our neighbor boy and about 20 friends all gathered in the street. Apparently there had been some sort of accident but they were all laughing and it wasn't life threatening, so I ran back inside to gather all of our junk for the game. Meanwhile, in walk Hunter and Dave, non-chalantly, as if they have all day to get ready. It is now game time. And I still have no drinks. But hey, we may not even make it there, so...whatever.

Dave dropped Hunter & I off at the field and he and Coop ran to Safeway to get the drinks. The game hadn't even started yet because we didn't have enough players. I don't know, maybe everyone's toilet had overflowed at that same exact time? But the very BEST part of the day was this: Hunter scored not 1, not 2, not even 3, but FIVE goals! We were absolutely shocked! He was aggressive, he went after the ball, and he was the star of the game! His coach and teammates even dog-piled him afterwards, which I sadly didn't get a picture of. We had snacks, we had drinks, and our family went to Dairy Queen for dinner and ice cream.

All of that trouble during the day did not even compare to the joy and pride I felt while watching Hunter excel in soccer - something he is not all too familiar with. AND knowing he'd done a great job at the dentist - wow! He really is growing up! I thank God EVERY DAY for my two awesome sons and my wonderful husband...life is good.


Katy said...

Go Hunter! He will have to come give Gracie some lessons! Baby tomorrow, um can you say EXCITED!!!! I can't wait ahhhh! Talk to you soon!

Em said...

It's got to be so fun watching your kids play sports. Can't wait for that. I put a couple pictures up of Elijah on my blog.

Colleen said...

Way to go Hunter!! WOWEE!!
I got to see Elijah today, he is sooo HUGE! He's chubby already! Cute as a button of course.
I'll talk to you soon!