Football at Grandma & Papa's

Sunday we went out to Dave's mom's house after church to help her celebrate a big birthday. I cannot say how old she was, I don't want her to get mad at me :) We all had a lot of fun. We wore our Seahawks jerseys (even though they didn't have a game), which inspired a touch football game in the yard. Dave's team won. He picked all the kids to be on his team; our nephews Taylor and Rykker, and Hunter. Coop couldn't decide whose team he wanted to be on, so he was occassionally on his daddy's team but mostly on Uncle James' team. I love how he's lining up in the above picture - he looks like he's a real linebacker! The ladies went out and cheered them on, and laughed our heads off. Dave and his brothers are extremely competitive (go figure)! They have been known to play football in the sunny, rainy, windy and even snowy weather. I'm sure they'll be out there on Christmas wearing their coats, boots and stocking hats!

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