Pickin' Pumpkins

Yesterday afternoon Mom called and asked if me and the boys wanted to take a little trip to the fruit stand to pick out some pumpkins. I'd just thrown Coop down for his nap, but do you think he was sleeping? NO. So I said we could go. It wasn't raining...yet!

We picked a few big ones and some smaller ones, but they didn't have any shocks (dried corn stalks tied in a bundle for decoration), so Dad called Nana and asked if we could come over to her field and cut some down.

Coop & Hunter trooped back and forth from Papa to the truck, carrying the stalks. After we got home, though, we were all ITCHY! I dug out my outside decorations and we were all set!

Looks cute, huh?
Hunter takes better pictures than me!
And then it started pouring - and I don't think it's even stopped since!


Katy said...

Cute new background, I had to go change mine to a fall one too! I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch, I'm going with Cole's pre-school on the 24th, we may have to go sooner! It looks fun!

Julaine said...

Oh what fun!!
Your house always looks so cute.
I def, don't have that nice domestic decorator touch. You wanna job? lol

Em said...

yay, I can finally leave a comment!! I love your fall decorations. Ok, now I've said it to you twice, but I really do like them!! I can't wait to take Avery to the pumpkin patch this year. She'll appreciate it a little more! and I love going myself lol. I'll see ya in a few days!!!