Ash's New Adventure

My baby sis just got a great new job doing payroll for a brand new Costco opening up in a few weeks. Too bad it's in POCATELLO, IDAHO! Mom and Dad moved her there on Friday, got her settled and came home yesterday. They said it takes about 8 hours to get there.

That's pretty far away!

We are so proud of her, though. She was hand-picked by the guy who'll be the manager, which says a lot about what he thinks of her. We know she'll enjoy her work and do a great job. It will be hard not to see her at holidays and things like that, but we're trying to plan a little trip over there sometime very soon. She's only about two hours away from Yellowstone, so we'll definitely go there, too.
But for now, we're just praying she has fun, adjusts to life in a different city, and meets lots and lots of great people! (And if I say the word 'great' again, please shoot me :)

Here are Ash and Kris

"Always my sisters, forever my friends"


Em said...

That'd be tough to have her so far away! At least she's within driving distance, 8 hours, but still... you can get there. Sister's are such a blessing aren't they.

Lolli said...

I snuck on here from Julaine's blog. Kristal told me you all had quite an emotional night when your sister was preparing to leave. We were talking at school about where she was going and she told me about her move to work at a new Costco in Pocatello. I told Kristal that one of Blake's (my husband) best friends is managing a new store and his name is Gordie. She told me that was the manager at your sister's store. He is awesome and so is his family! We'll give him a call with special orders from Prosser. I hope she's settling in. I'm sure she will be so busy that it will distract her from being too homesick.