I Must Be Nuts

I just had to sit down and take a break. And vent to all of my closest buddies about how stupid I am for having a yard sale tomorrow. Oh believe me, if half my garage wasn't being taken over by all of this junk, I WOULDN"T be having a yard sale, but I can barely fit my Durango in there, so it's time. I have been pricing stuff every day for 5 days! I have used over 800 little yard sale pricey sticker thingy's. My whole left arm is asleep. Okay, that's neither here nor there, but you get the picture...I'm TIRED & CRABBY.

While Hunter was at school, Coop & I ran around and got change, a permit, and poster board to make signs. I filled my entire Durango up with stuff that's already been priced, and we'll probably fill up the entire truck, too. Thank goodness my mom has agreed to let the yard sale be at her house. She is much more cool, calm and collected about these kinds of things than I am.

On a more positive and sentimental note, it has been bittersweet to go through some of the baby clothes. With each outfit I've priced, I could actually hold it up and SEE my kids in it - way back when, when they were teeny little guys. I can remember who bought it for them and everything. Some things I have looked at and thought, "Okay, I cannot let this go." So I've started a little pile in the corner of my bedroom of things that I can't sell. Each of those things had such strong memories to go along with them that I simply could never imagine letting someone else buy them for a quarter.

So I'm hoping, after I've had this little break, that I can finish all of my pricing. I hope I have time to go through my kids' toys and clean some of them up to sell. I'll let them keep the money for those things, of course! That way they won't cry and scream when they see some kid carrying it away tomorrow. :) And I'm hoping that my garage will be nice and clean and straightened up now that those things will be out of there. Oh, who am I kidding? We'll just find some other junk to throw in there in about a week, I'll bet! I know I'll be able to get to my exercise bike now! I don't quite know if that's a good or a bad thing.

I'll let you know how much I make! Wish me luck!

PS: This is my new favorite song by tobyMac...I love the line that says, "I'd rather burn for You than fade away, I'd rather burn for You than go my way." AMEN!


Em said...

Good luck!! Somehow you'll end up with just as much junk in a year or two. I'm not quite sure how that works out...

Colleen said...

Good Luck!!

Katy said...

You go girl! I hope you are feeling better too! We miss you! Come to game night tonight for some comic relief! LOL