Picture-less Blog

Okay, so there are soooooo many cool things I could have blogged about over the past few days, but something terrible has happened. My digital camera is broken! The battery wouldn't charge, so we figured it was bad. So Dave bought me a new one yesterday. We charged it all night and woke up this morning anxious so take some pictures. We put the darn thing in the camera and do you think it worked? Heck no! I'm so sad! It's such a good camera, but I just don't know what to do! Anyway, I had to share with you guys. And don't be surprised if my next few blogs are picture-less... :( So to add a little spice to my blog (since there are no pictures), I have added a peppy little song...one that makes me happy...just imagine John Travolta walking down the sidewalk in his tight white pants. Haha!


Em said...

You'll just have to set up pictures to add to your blog later. That'll be fun! "Ok Hunter, remember when you fell and bruised your knee, well I need a picture so..." Hope you get your camera working soon!

Colleen said...

LOVE the song...sadly I love the Bee Gees!! Yep it's true! Sorry about the camera Ali...time for a new one? A better one? This might work in your favor.

Katy said...

Bummer Ali, I can't imagine life without my camara, I'm freaking about life without my cell phone for the next week, hopefully Em will mail it to me! I think Em has a great idea though!