Our Camping Adventure

This past weekend we went camping at Clear Lake with all of Dave's family. His two brothers and their kids were there, as well as his Mom and stepdad. We had sooooooo much fun! The boys were thrilled to be outdoors, of course. Coop had never been camping, so it was all new to him - and boy, did he make the most of it! He and Hunter ran all over the place with their cousins. They played football in a big open area, we took walks, collected sticks for the fire, went out fishing a couple of times, roasted marshmallows, slept in a tent, and saw an elk! It was an exciting weekend for our two little guys.

My favorite part was being out in the boat fishing. I caught the most fish and the biggest! Of course I had to let the boys help me reel them in. It was just so peaceful being out there. And so beautiful! We zoomed right by our church camp a few times, which brought back a lot of funny memories. All in all it was a very fun weekend. Our whole family is ready to go again soon. Dave has even mentioned that he'd like to quit playing softball and buy a little motorhome and go camping every weekend. I wouldn't say I'm quite that ready. But I'm getting there!


Katy said...

Oh it looks like you guys had such a great time! You should pack up on the 10th of July and head up to Ohanopakosh with us. The boys are growing up so fast! I'm glad that they had so much fun! I love the pic of Coop driving the boat, he looks so serious! Hey did you get a new camera? I can't wait until school is out! More time to visit and play! Love ya
Mike is sitting here listening to your music and he just said Wow, I never knew that said that, the Allison Road song! LOLOL

Ali said...

Yeah, Coop wouldn't let anyone else drive the boat (not even Dave), so that look on his face isn't serious, it's pure brattyness! Eventually we bribed him with some Pringles and Yogos so he would give up the steering wheel!

Colleen said...

Sounds and looks like fun!! Great pics of the boys!

Em said...

I can't wait to go camping this year. We used to go all the time but it's gotten harder since Chad started farming. I'm sure we'll find at least one or two weekends to go though. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Makes me want to go even more!