R.I.P Nemo

As my sister, Ashlee, always says, "Sad day". Our beloved fish, Nemo, died yesterday. We have had that little guy since Hunter's third birthday! Our whole family was terribly upset. I suspect others who knew Nemo will be upset, too, when they hear the news.

I could tell something was up - he hadn't been swimming around that much, or eating a lot. But I didn't think he was sick! I definitely wasn't prepared for how sad we'd all feel! Hunter and I shed more than a few tears, and even Coop understood what was going on. Dave (Nemo's primary food-giver and tank cleaner-outer) felt sad, too.

Hunter and I have a date on Friday to go to the pet store and get a new fish. Hopefully our new one will be as great and fun as Nemo was.



Katy said...

Oh my gosh, so sad. It made me want to tear up and cry too. I think the mood setting music helped a little. Sorry Kleinow family, Nemo will be missed! (sorry Ali, I am laughing right now, I can't help it. I know it's sad though and I really am sorry!)

Ali said...

Yes, the sad music is a tad much - I agree. But geez, first you laugh at your daughter when she's trying to jump rope and now you're laughing at my dead fish? Have you no heart? LOLOLOLOLOL

Em said...

I met Nemo once, at your pampered chef party. He seemed to be a really happy fish, although he was swimming a little sideways at the time. So here's to Nemo. I'm sorry for your family's loss. ( I'm not laughing... but I'm snorting a little bit because I'm holding it in )

Colleen said...

NOOOOO Nemo...I never met you but I bet you were a great little swimmer. RIP Nemo.

Colleen said...

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