The Littlest Baseball Boy

Oh Coop...the one who was practically born with a bat in his hands.


It has been pure JOY to watch Coop do what he loves to do.  All that practice in the living room is really paying off on the field - ha!  He loves being on a real baseball team...with a real uniform and everything.  All that t-ball stuff wasn't his cup of tea, apparently.  He loves that his Daddy is his coach, he loves catching, he loves hitting and playing 1st base.  Although I heard him tell Hunter the other day, "I'm a pretty good 2nd baser." 

He is getting better at staying in his position and letting other kids get the ball.  And he is getting quite a few hits off the pitching machine (those balls come pretty fast)!  He knows Mondays and Wednesdays are his game days and he is happy and excited on those days, and asks all day,"When is Daddy gonna be home so we can't be late to my game?"  

My littlest baseball boy...oh how I love you! 


Steve and Nedra said...

Great pictures and story...once again! I loved when my boys were in little league! It's neat you can keep all the precious memories up on your Blog. :-) I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa are enjoying watching and cheering at "every" game!!

Katy said...

Oh Ali, this is just so cute!! I'm sure he is loving every second of this! Wish I could come and watch him play!

Natasha said...

So cute Ali!!