Well, for starters, I just have to say that I have seriously thought about deleting my blog.  Not that I don't love doing it (when I actually do it), but I have been absolutely terrible at taking pictures!  I have just a handful since Christmas.  And you'd think I'd have a ton, since the boys have been so busy with spring sports.  But no...no I don't.  And the ones I do have were taken by other people - ha! 

So here we go:  I'll do a run-down of what we've been up to.  Hunter started playing AAU basketball this winter.  He is a 3rd grader playing on a 4th grade team, and none of the players have played before so it's been a real learning experience for everyone.  They finished the winter season with a record of 2 wins and 8 losses, but they won their first game of spring session just last Saturday and we are seeing tons of improvement!  Coop also practices on a basketball team of little guys.  Their plan is to practice, practice, practice and then enter the fall AAU session.  Coop does a great job at basketball practice.  The hoop is still a bit high, but every once in awhile he makes a basket and he is so proud of himself! 

Baseball has now started for both the boys.  They play in the Grandview Cal Ripken league.  Dave helps coach Coop's 'Rookies' team and Hunter plays on the 'Minors' team.  Hunter had his first game this past Tuesday, and was the starting pitcher.  He was nervous, but did a great job.  It is quite a difference from hitting off a pitching machine, like they did last year.  We are anxious for Hunter's team to learn lots more of the fundamentals and start winning some games. 

I have not been able to be at any of Coop's baseball practices because I take Hunter to soccer and basketball practices on those days.  But from what Dave tells me, Coop is quite the player...but then I already knew that.  He spends all day in the living room swinging small wooden bats, catching pop flies he throws to himself, and doing a play-by-play announcement using various MLB players' names.  At this very moment he is pretending to bat like Kevin Youkilis and he just said, "Home run!  Out of here!"  Now he is humming the song they play at Safeco Field when something good happens and everyone stands up and claps.  Hahaha! 

First soccer game of the season is tomorrow, along with the 2nd basketball game of the season.  Dave is playing softball so the boys and I will be on our own, then we'll go up and watch Daddy play.  I have been tempted to complain a few times during the past few weeks...we have practices or games on EVERY day of the week.  But then I remember...this is what I always dreamed I'd be doing.  Now I'm living it and there's no way I'd trade it for anything in the world.  As long as the boys are okay with it, then I'm okay with it. 


Steve and Nedra said...

Please "don't" delete your Blog. I always just love what you write and you have a real gift at making everything so interesting!! I can be as patient as you need...so no hurry and no Blog pressure!! Keep up the great work...you always bless me and I'm sure you bless many, many others. :-)

Katy said...

I love those pics of Hunter playing ball!! Your boys are going to be great at any sport!! So glad that you are having so much fun with all of this!! I agree with Nedra....don't you dare delete your blog!!! LOL I like you have slowed down on the blogging, but it's like a special treat anytime I decide to take a peak and see you've posted something new!! Love you bunches!

our family said...

Yes -- please don't delete it! Even if they are not as frequent as we'd like ;), we always enjoy your posts!!! Love seeing all these pics of your boys playing ball!