Giving It One More Try...

Yeah, I know...you've missed me.  And you know something?  There really is no excuse for not posting a blog since APRIL of last year!  Goodness, you'd think I had been out saving the world or something.  But sadly, no...that's not it.  I've just been kinda busy!  Busier, in fact, than I have been in a really long time.  Some reasons for my business are the same - they are called Hunter and Cooper.  But other reasons include my weekday girlies, Kora and Ava! 

Kora and Ava are the girls I take care of during the week.  They truly are so much fun (with a little work thrown in :).  It's hard to believe I've had Kora since she was 3 months old.  She will be 4 in May, so she is pretty much my daughter.  LOL!  And sweet Ava came to me the beginning of the school year this year and will turn 1 in March!  I love having these girls in my home...and the rest of my family feels the same way. 

But I do have to say that I've really missed blogging about our family adventures, so as a resolution for 2012, I've decided I have to start up again.  Another resolution...and I'm sure it comes as no surprise...is that I am back on the weight-loss wagon!  Giddy-up!  I plan to lose about 15 pounds by my birthday (which is not until May, so surely this can happen...right?!).  So I may throw in a blog or two about that journey, assuming it will go somewhere besides OFF the wagon.

So stay tuned, people!  La Familia Kleinow is BACK!

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