Carving Pumpkins...Again!

Last Thursday, my parents came over and watched the kids while Dave and I went to the Life Options banquet. We came home to find two spooky-looking pumpkins on our front steps....

Hunter's pumpkin...ooooohhhh, scary!

Coop's pumpkin...even scarier, in my opinion. Ha!

Then last night, we decided we had another two pumpkins to carve, so we did those as well. We had fun, except I almost puked when I put my hands in to gut mine. I usually do get grossed out, but this one was BAD. Super slimy - yuck! I know, I'm such a whimp.

Coop drew all over one, which we decided not to carve...but he sure had a good time!

Hunter drew this one's scary face...he is quite the artist!

Dave's finished product! Not too shabby!

Mine - which was declared the winner by me. Ha!

Coop's, Dave's, Hunter's, mine - top to bottom

Carving pumpkins is seriously a tradition that will NEVER get old in our house. And I have a feeling the competition will continue to get better as the boys get older. I can't wait! Happy Halloween, everyone!


Em said...

I love it! Although I have to disagree, I think Coop's pumpkin is definitely the scariest LOL. I'm thinking there might be something mentally wrong with that one. I love carving pumpkins too. Even when I lived by myself I'd do it, and now that I have kids to do it with, it's just that much more fun!

Katy said...

So cute Ali! I love the traditional pumpkin faces, my kids were all totally into the patterns this year ! Glad you were able to hold in the puke! Hmmmmm random thought that might make me laugh all day long! LOL Love ya!

Judawn said...

Cute pumnpkins! And boys!