Hunter's Walk-a-Thon

Friday morning was Hunter's annual Walk-a-Thon at school. He raised over $160.00 for his class, thanks to my dad taking his sponsor sheet to work. He also had some other very generous donors, like Uncle Tony & Aunt Marci and Aunt Angie & Uncle Dan. :) Last year he won the prize for the most money raised, and he was really trying to win that prize again. We'll see once all the money is counted.

Kora & I went over to the school to watch and cheer for Hunter's class. They ran for 20 minutes, and Hunter did 11 laps in that time. He ran a lot, but towards the end he got a little winded and walked a bit. I was very proud of him. And I think he was proud of himself too!

Each and every day, I thank God for giving me my boys. Hunter is so smart, kind and witty. Even when he is nervous or upset about something, he is always making sure I am okay. And Coop brings so much fun and laughter to our house. He keeps us on our toes, but we can't begin to imagine our lives without him. I am so blessed!


Em said...

You have some great boys, it's easy to be proud of them I'm sure :). Hope Hunter feels better soon!

Katy said...

You do have some great kids Ali! My kids love being around them. Remember that Joey wants to be Cooper for Halloween, he still says it! Good job Hunter in the walk a thon! Hope your kids are feeling bette! Miss ya and can't wait for the 23rd!!! :)