Last Soccer Game of '09

Last Thursday was Hunter's last soccer game of the season. It sure flies by, and we are always a little bummed when it's over. Each year, we grow more and more attached to our teammates. They are such fun little guys, and we really love watching them and getting to know their parents, brothers and sisters. It really is like a little soccer-family!

Standing: Giodani and Xavier, Middle: Mark, Jorge and Trevor, Front: Ben and Hunter

Even Aunt Kris got in on the cheering action!

Xavier's grandma always brings snacks on the last day...and we are always so impressed with what she comes up with!

Hunter had his best game of the season, scoring 3 goals! We were all pleased with his performance, and went out to El Rancho Alegre to celebrate afterwards. Our Mondays and Thursdays will be free now, until April, when it all begins again!


Em said...

Hunter's gonna be a soccer star it sounds like. And you're right, those cupcakse are awesome! Looks like you all had fun this season. I'll see ya Friday!

Katy said...

Maybe Hunter can give Gracie a few lessons! LOL Glad you will have a little more spare time on your hands! Can't wait until Friday!!! :)