Building 429 / Todd Agnew Concert!

On Friday night, Dave & I took Hunter to Calvary Chapel in Kennewick to see the Building 429 / Todd Agnew concert. It was a late night, but we were super glad for the fun evening spent together and the amazing music! Coop stayed at my parents' house, and helped Nana make some yummy Halloween cookies! He is quite the cookie-decorator...all of the cookies were FILLED with chocolate chips, sprinkles and candy corn! LOL!

Hunter had fun with his friends Gracie & Charlie

We love going to concerts...we have been to several in the last few years. We hope to continue this tradition, and maybe even start taking Coop with us one day soon!

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Katy said...

That was so much fun Ali! We are going to have to do it again sometime for sure! I'm still laughing at Todd Angew's "Gouda for Judah comment!" LOL