A Joyful (for the most part) Sunday

There was a day last week that I had a hard time getting through. Frankly, I felt a little depressed! We were all tired because Coop and Hunter had colds and weren't sleeping very well at night. And it may sound childish of me to say this, but if I don't get good sleep, I am pretty crabby the whole next day...(shocking, I know).

But Sunday, God blessed me with a nearly perfect day! I woke up happy, made breakfast for my family, and then we all went to church. The boys were very well-behaved and even decorated some really cool tiles while at children's church. There was a time when Cooper cried every time we drove into the church parking lot because he hated going to the nursery. But now that he's old enough to go to video club, he's a totally different kid! Praise the Lord that all of my family members enjoy going to church now!

We were having a wonderfully fun and relaxing afternoon together (Dave even made cookies) ...until...I ran to Safeway to get a few things and came out to find that the door of our brand new truck had been keyed! :( Yup - a big, deep X had been scratched in the driver's side door. I felt like I was going to throw up. I came home and showed Dave and he was very upset, but thankfully didn't blame me or make me feel bad. I think he knew I felt bad enough. He knew it wasn't my fault, but it's hard not to blame the person driving, you know?!

Shortly after that my parents came over to visit for a bit. They had bought the boys some Rock Band/guitar shirts. They were a big hit! Hunter says he's going to wear his every time we play Rock Band, haha! Them being here helped us forget what had happened to the truck, so that was nice. Then Dave and I made enchiladas - yum! I love it when he helps me make dinner, and I think he enjoys it, too. We told the boys (who sometimes don't like to try new things at dinner), that if they ate their enchiladas we would ALL get in the hot tub. Now that is motivation, people! Soon we were all relaxing in the warm hot tub in the chilly night air, and it was so fun!
God has blessed me with a family that loves me. Me! The mommy/wife that was so crabby last week they probably all wanted me to leave and never come back! I LIVE for days like Sunday, where we get to spend time together and everyone is happy and healthy! My prayer is that this week, as we travel a long way to visit Ash for Thanksgiving (and things could likely get tense at times) I will be able to show God's love to my husband and children in every way possible. They deserve kind, patient words and actions from me, regardless of whether I've had enough sleep! We'll see though, won't we? Haha! Have a very enjoyable Thanksgiving, everyone! We love you all!


Katy said...

Ali, you are an amazing mother and wife! Don't sell yourself short! I love the steamy pics in the hot tub! Sounds like fun! It was so good to see you two days in a row this weekend! That made my weekend! Love ya and have a Blessed Thanksgiving! Drive safe!

Lolli said...

Your title is perfect. Other than some jerk senslessly keying your truck, it was an ultimate Sunday! Not much better than cookies made by the hubby and homemade enchiladas. Yummers! I (in a weird way) felt relaxed by the hot tub pics. What a great way to end your (almost) perfect Sunday. Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving!

the waud's said...

Yes I know you will be very surprised to see my comment ( I'm new at this)LOL. Your family is beautiful and I'm so glad you ended up having such a good day. As a mom I know our patience is tested quite a bit I praise you for doing such a great job. I'm always amazed how God teaches us our life lessons and builds our strength even when we dont even know it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and have a safe trip.
Love Andrea

Em said...

Ditto to what Katy said, you are an awesome mom/wife/friend. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Thanks so much for your prayers, I know they're working!