Halloween Fun and a New Desk!

Friday was lots of fun. We were a little worried when we woke up to rain, but by the time Hunter got out of school, sunny skies had chased those rain clouds away! We waited for Daddy to get home from work (he did good and got home EARLY), then got on our costumes and headed to Grandma's house.

Aren't they the cutest little Black Spiderman and Dash (from The Incredibles) you've ever seen?

Then we went to Nana & Papa's house, and Uncle Tony & Aunt Marci's house.

We trick-or-treated in that neighborhood, where it was well-lit and the street wasn't packed with cars and people. The weather was great! The boys were bundled up underneath their costumes, but Dave & I just had to wear our sweatshirts - it wasn't freezing cold like it's been the last few years! We came home, warmed up with bowls of Taco Soup, and dug through the candy. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening :)

Saturday, Dave put together our new desk! He worked on it for almost 5 hours, but it was worth it because it is absolutely beautiful. The boys said they'd help - and they did - for about 30 minutes, but they soon lost interest.

Coop started making a tower with some of the pieces, and when I tried to take a picture of it (you can kinda see it in the background), he got right in front of the camera - what a nut.

Then he sat down on a box and had some toast.

I tried to make myself look busy, thinking maybe Dave would not solicit my help, but it didn't work. We only got annoyed with each other once during the ordeal, so I guess it wasn't that bad :) We really needed a new desk...our old one was just way too small for someone who owns a business. There is soooo much paperwork! Hopefully with more space I'll be able to help keep him a bit more organized.

I have a lot more ideas and inspiration now to get my home spruced up - paint, artwork, etc. It's about time - we've lived here for almost five years now! Happy November, everyone!


Lolli said...

Cute kiddos in their costumes! Halloween rocks!

Does everyone in your family love toast?;) I hear Kristal got to go home and eat some after a certain "date" in high school.

That desk is gorgeous! I want to see it in a few months and see if it is still that tidy;) I hope you do better than I do with keeping my desk clean.

Em said...

I love Halloween. It's always been one of my favorite times of the year. Their costumes are cute! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Good luck "sprucing" up your house. I'm looking forward to being able to do that someday lol.

Katy said...

Cute costumes, Cooper could play Dash in a real movie! He looks just like him! Wish you could have been here. Miss you guys and can't wait until next Tuesday. Love the desk too!