Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Not because I get to stuff my face with all kinds of wonderful food and dessert (even though that's fun too), but because we all get to reflect on what we're thankful for - together! And that brings a happiness over me that I can't explain. Don't get me wrong, I don't wait until turkey day to be thankful...oh no, I thank God EVERY DAY for the blessings in my life! I'm sure all of you do, too!

Anyway, I'm especially excited for Thanksgiving this year because we're going to be traveling to Ash's house in Pocatello! But since I don't have any pictures or fun stories to share - yet - I want to share some pictures from past Thanksgiving gatherings...
This is our first Thanksgiving at our house! 2005. Coop was 3 months old :) We had my family and Dave's family over. My mom helped me cook, so I can't take all the credit - but it was good food and good fun!
This is one of my favorite pictures of me and Hunter! He looks so little :(
This is Taylor, Hunter and Rykker on Thanksgiving Day 2006 at Dave's mom's. We had to break the boys apart from wrestling for this picture...that's all they do when they're together! As usual, the food was DELICIOUS!
I'm sad I don't have any pictures of all of us sitting down at the table; I guess we're always so hungry that no one thinks to get up and snap a picture! But as the holiday approaches, I pray you're all happy and healthy and THANKFUL for what God's given you. We sure are!


Katy said...

That is so sweet Ali! I also love Thanksgiving! What a great time of year! I really think God sprinkles something in the air, to give everyone that Holiday spirit!

Becca said...

I love Thanksgiving because it is one of the few times the whole family is together.

Lolli said...

You are amazing! I love how positive you always are! (I really have to work at it sometimes;) Kristal and Ash are so lucky to have you for a sister.

Have a fun time in Pocatello! That's going to be a drive huh?! I bet Ashley is counting the days/minutes for you to get there! Drive carefully and take lots of pictures.