Thanksgiving Weekend

I've been meaning to update my blog with all of the Thanksgiving photos, but it's been like a whirlwind around here the last few days, so FINALLY...The Thanksgiving Blog!

The drive there wasn't too bad because we split it up. We stayed in Boise Tuesday night - got to our hotel about 10:00 PMtheir time. The room was nice, but the guy upstairs had his TV on really loudly until about 3:00 AM! The boys slept really good, but Dave & I were very sleepy the next morning! I thought back to my previous post about being crabby after no sleep...and I must say, I did pretty good! Thank goodness :)

We got to Ash's the next day about 3:00. We met some of her friends at work and scoped out the new store. It was so quiet - not anything like the Costco's around here, that's for sure! And they had self-checkout!
Ash's apartment is very spacious and there was plenty of room for all of us - and our junk! It is amazing how much stuff we took - food, games, 3 suitcases of clothes, sleeping bags, air mattresses, pillows, and of course we had to bring the RockBand and the PS3!

It was so nice to just get up and hang out, not to have to go somewhere or get ready to go at lightning speed. We just took our time each morning and relaxed. Except for Friday, when I went with Mom and Dad to the local mall pretty early in the morning. I got a few good deals, but I wasn't in that shopping mode yet, I guess. (I'd better get there pretty soon, though, hadn't I ? ) We ate at a lot of fun places, including Chili's, Texas Roadhouse and Johnny Carino's! Plus, the Thanksgiving feast was delicious, of course! Mom did all the cooking, but Ash and I tried to help with the little stuff.

The boys were SOOOOOO good! I was pleasantly surprised by how well-behaved they were. They each had their moments, but for the most part, everyone got along famously. :) If they weren't playing the Playstation, they were coloring. And if they weren't coloring, they were begging someone to play Sorry or Sequence or Apples to Apples with them. Those boys LOVE to play games!

All in all it was a wonderful trip. We're very fortunate to be able to take trips like this throughout the year. They are always fun and prove to be good for our little family. Tune in later for another post about decorating for Christmas - we're getting there, but it has been a two-day ordeal! Love to you all!


Lolli said...

It sounds like you had the type of get-away that we all dream of. Sounds perfect....family, food, fun, and games! I think (in fact I know) Kristal was missing you guys on Thanksgiving. I'm kind of thinking that her competitive spirit is a family trait;) Your family is too cute!

Katy said...

I love the pic of Hunters hand!! Please Mom no more pics! Glad you guys had a good time! Hope your decorating is done! Love ya and miss ya!

Em said...

Love the pictures. I bet it was nice seeing your sister after so long!! Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I didn't get any pictures this year of Thanksgiving !! I guess I'll have to useSeabrook for scrapbooking next year lol.