Naptime Nonsense

Sadly, my Coopie is fazing out of our naptime ritual. He puts up a good fight every afternoon, but usually stays in his room until he falls asleep. For the last couple of weeks, though, I've heard him kicking his wall and found him lying on the floor, etc. All kinds of ridiculous naptime nonsense is going on in there. Today topped the cake.

He didn't really cry when I put him down this afternoon, but he was pretty hyped up. He sang and talked to himself for a LONG time. But about 45 minutes later, I didn't hear him anymore. Yes, I thought to myself. He finally fell asleep. So I went in to take a peek at my handsome sleeping prince. And this is what I found:

"Taaaa Daaaa" he says, smiling very cute and innocent...
I took this video to show Dave, but I wanted to share it with you guys too. You might have to turn it way up. I took off my music so you could hear it better. When I ask him what he's doing, he says "cheesing". Then towards the end he tries to change the subject by telling me he likes pizza "all the time" and just saunters out of the room...CRAZY CHILD!

I couldn't be mad at him...that is the biggest tower he has ever built - and he did it in the dark without making a peep! My baby is growing up way too fast.


Colleen said...

too stinking cute!!! crazy kid, but fabulous tower!

Lolli said...

Whoa...that little guy could make your heart melt. I have tears in my eyes thinking about what a precious little peanut he must be. That age is so much fun. Kinda makes me want another one!

Katy said...

What a crack up, Mike and I were laughing at him when he said " I like pizza all da time." HE sounds just like Apu from the Simpsons! LOL Miss you!

Em said...

I'm definitely not looking forward to nap time being over lol. Cooper is such a cutie. I wish I could watch the video, but it's not downloading for me... stupid dial up.