Fun in Moses Lake

We got up early last Saturday and travelled to Moses Lake, where Dave's softball team had a tournament. We had lots of fun! After our first two games in the morning our whole team went to a nearby park right on the lake and had a barbeque. Everyone brought goodies to share and we spent a few hours just relaxing and eating. My kids were the only ones there so they got everyone's attention when they started a whiffle-ball game. Soon all the guys were out there either trying to hit or strike each other out! It was fun and we all shared a lot of laughs. The next morning we were at the fields again, and after three games we'd claimed 1st place! This is the second year in a row that our team has won this particular tournament, so that was something they were all very proud of.
Even Uncle Kev got in on the action...(top left corner).
Coop can make anything into a bat...here he is using his Red Rope licorice to take a few cuts.
We are so close to our softball family! They are all very kind and fun people, and they treat my kids like their own. We're so lucky to have these guys as our friends!


Em said...

It's so nice to have things like that. I miss being able to play softball and basketball in the summer. Glad you had a good time!

Ali said...

I just noticed everyone's got 1 finger up for "1st place", and there's Hunter in the front with 2 fingers up. Maybe he's doing the peace sign? Or maybe he's just used to Daddy's team getting second place! :) Haha.

Katy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! It's good that you all get to join in on the fun together. Before you know it it will be your boys playing in those tournaments! Can't wait to see you today!

Colleen said...

Fun stuff Ali!! When will I EVER see you again??? Geesh!!