An Awesome 4th of July

Friday was just an absolutely wonderful day. The boys had been waiting to go to the Mariners all week, and finally the day arrived. We put the carseats in the new truck, packed up our gloves and snacks and sweatshirts and headed out. (Early, because Mommy needed to stop at the outlets). We were fortunate enough to be able to sit in the front row again. Dave, myself and Hunter had sat there before, but Coop never had. And who did we see as we were making our way to our seats, but the Mariner Moose himself, taking pictures with children just an aisle away. We quickly put our stuff down and ran over. He was about to leave, but was kind enough to pose for a quick picture!

The weather was great. Rain was predicted, but not one drop fell. The roof stayed open the entire time and it actually got pretty hot every once in awhile. The above pics are mostly of Hunter. He was so well behaved. His favorite part of the game was when Ichiro called "I got it! I got it!" and caught a fly ball. Hunter yelled in amazement, "Ichiro knows English! Did you hear him, he said 'I got it!'" Dave & I and all the people around us thought that was pretty hilarious.

These pictures are mostly of Cooper. He thought he owned the place, I swear. He stood up the whole time. He was right down there on the field, so I think he thought he was just a part of the game, you know? He kept his glove on waiting for a fly ball to come our way, but none ever did. He flirted with the ball girl, too. I caught him several times making goo-goo eyes at her and smiling. And she was flirting right back. I'm sure that comes as no surprise to those of you who know my little 2-year-old ladies man. Ha-ha!

The boys slept on the way home and when we got here they were ready to stay up late and watch fireworks. We didn't have to buy any because they were steadily going off in our neighborhood for about 3 hours! We popped some popcorn and sat on the tailgate of the truck for a long time, just watching and listening to the big booms.

It was just truly an awesome day that I hope we'll all remember forever. I really do treasure these times when it's just the four of us doing fun things together. It was a long day, just going up and back, but the laughs and the smiles and the fun we shared was worth it!


Katy said...

Sounds like so much fun! I have the game recorded for you! I just told Mike not to delete it because you were coming over to watch it and see if you could pick you guys out! : ) Hunter cracks me up! Miss you guys, we need another swimming day!

Colleen said...

That sounds so fun Ali!! I love little mini trips like that. It's nice to make your own traditions like that too! And it's even ok to love the Mariners...as long as they are NOT playing the Red Sox!
;) See you again soon I hope.