We bought a new Playstation game recently: Rock Band. It comes with a guitar, a drum set, and a microphone. (We bought an extra guitar so someone can play bass and the other person can play guitar). It has been a source of great entertainment for our entire family, as well as whoever else that happens to be here at the time. At first, Hunter was adamant he couldn't play the guitar. But soon he decided to give it a try and, boy, is he a whiz at that thing! He can play several songs with a high percentage of notes correct. It is amazing to us how quickly Hunter picks up on things like this. He is a smart, determined and coordinated little guy.

Coop also plays (or pretends to, at least). We let him have the drumsticks and he goes nuts. He has a favorite song, which is called Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Each time we're choosing a song to play, Coop says, "Play yeah-yeah...I love you, I love you." It's so cute! He also does some funny things when he's playing guitar. He either kicks one leg way high in the air or bends down on one knee and bobs his head up and down. He really rocks out!
Dave & I have had our fair share of fun, too. What I'm working on now is playing the guitar on the medium level. Dave's a master at medium and should be working on the hard level. I must say though, I am the best at the drums. I guess I just have better rhythm, haha! The first week we got it we became addicted and stayed up past midnight playing! I've told a few people I had to go put on my glasses because I wasn't blinking and my contacts were falling out! Anyway, everyone's invited over to play anytime! You can try to beat us, but you won't...Ha!


Colleen said...

Hunter looks like such a little rocker!! So he plays the game but he also plays "the part"!! LOL That is a fun game...whoever created it was a smart fella!
When will we see ya again...soon I hope. Maybe a day at the park or something.

Katy said...

How funny! My kids love to play that game too! I'll take you on the drums anyday! LOL

Em said...

I love that freaking game. soo addicting. Chad and I are gonna get the aerosmith one before too long. We only have guitar hero though, rock band is so much better lol. Anyway, I'm finally back on this thing, but having trouble today posting a blog, hopefully I can before too long!! But at least I can keep up with everyone else's now !!