Coop's Door

Coop has decided he will decorate the outside of his bedroom door with all kinds of artwork.  I think he does this because he has a strange obsession with...yeah, you guessed it...tape.

Look at those LONG strips of tape he has used.  Dave & I had to try not to burst into laughter when he proudly called us back to his door to take a look at his masterpieces.  Truthfully, the first thing you notice is the tape.  :)

Currently, there is a quarter wrapped in a tiny piece of construction paper, just waiting to be opened by Hunter on his birthday, which is 10 days away.  If I took the tape off it, I could use it to wrap an entire gift and still have some left over!  Guess whose idea that was...he can hardly wait for his brother to unwrap his "surprise present"!  Ah, how these boys bring smiles and joy to me each and every day.  I am surely blessed.