First Weekend of December = Busy, Crazy Fun!

Friday night, Coop's preschool class sang a few songs at the town's annual Christmas tree lighting. He was so excited, and kept reminding all of us that we needed to get ready so we wouldn't be late. We were all under the impression that he wouldn't know any of the songs, since he couldn't even remember the words to Jingle Bells, but imagine our surprise when they put him smack in the middle of the pack and he sang the loudest! I SO WISH my camera would take video in the dark, because it was absolutely PRICELESS to watch his goofy grin while he sang the songs and did the motions. Several people were laughing at him, but in a good way. Our friends Caleb and Desi came to watch, and Uncle Leroy and Aunt Juanez ended up being there too, to meet some of their friends. So it was a nice (although very COLD) little gathering, and we all had a fun time.

Saturday was such a whirlwind day, but one of the best we've had in a long time. Dave & I got to go Christmas shopping by ourselves, while the boys stayed with Aunt Kris and Uncle Kev. We got a lot done, and managed to not even get into any arguments about what we bought! LOL! Then we rushed back to Grandview, picked out our Christmas tree, brought it home, put it in the stand and changed our clothes for the Lighted Parade. A quick stop at Starbucks for some coffee, cocoa and snacks, and we were ready! Dave brought his little heater, which we hooked up to our propane tank and sat in front of us on the sidewalk. Thank goodness we had that thing! It was a FRIGID evening...but when we saw Papa's float coming down the street, all of that numb, cold feeling went away for just a minute, because we were all so excited! Dad's City of Sunnyside float won 1st place in its division. He and all his friends were very pumped!

Dad & Mom drove the float, and there's Hunter cheering them on!

They even had the voices from the movie playing!

Up on top of the tractor is sad-looking Charlie, kneeling by his floppy tree.

We were finally able to get the tree decorated Sunday after church. And I must say, it looks much better with the lights and ornaments on it because I was afraid after getting it into the stand that I'd picked a dud...LOL! Tonight I have big plans for wrapping a few gifts, but I'm afraid once they're out there Cooper will not stop throwing fits to open some! So who knows... Wow, this has been a long post. I admire the bloggers who can just post a picture and a sentence. I, however, have the gift of story-telling, which I probably got from my dad...okay, which I ABSOLUTELY got from my dad - ha!


Katy said...

I love it! I love your gift of story-telling! The floats looked awesome! Someday I will get my scrooge off the couch and we will go again! Or when all my kids are old enough I will just take them myself! Miss you bunches! Love the Christmas music! :) Good job Coop you looked like a rock star! :)

Em said...

I wanted to go to the parade so bad. I swore I heard on the radio it was on the 13th and I was so excited because I knew I didn't have a game that night, then I found out it was last Saturday. oh well, next year! Love your pictures!!

the davila family said...

Love all the pictures! Sounds like a great way to begin the season!

Judawn said...

I love reading your stories! It's the next best thing to being there. We love the parade, but, I have to admit I chickened out ~ it was so cold! I haven't wrapped any gifts yet, too many little grand kids searching hands! lol Not to mention Luke and Hannah. Doug and usually wrap all the gifts together in one night. Well I wrap 5 to his one 1, but it's still together. lol Great blog!!!!!!