Thanksgiving, Bowling and Christmas Decorating, OH MY!

There have been several blog-worthy events since Thanksgiving, so I'm wrapping them all into one!

Thanksgiving this year was spent with Dave's family. I always look forward to his mom's cooking, and she didn't disappoint this year...everything was YUMMY! She is the mother of all boys, and all of her boys have boys...no girls...so it gets pretty rowdy, but that's the way we like it. They all played football in the rain. I went out to take a few pics, but there was no way I was gonna stand out there and watch! LOL!

Friday, Kristal and I went shopping. Even though we didn't get up SUPER early, like all the other crazies, we did get a lot done. Dave and the boys wanted to go bowling when I got back, so we called my parents and they came with us. Dave's mom and stepdad ended up being down there too, so it was a true family affair! As always, Dave and my dad had the best scores and Hunter pouted the whole time because he wasn't "doing good". I think he gets his competitive attitude from my side of the family! Coop is a natural. He always makes sure we're all looking, then lets the ball go and watches it 'til it hits the pins...even if that is ten minutes later...LOL! I tried to stay even with my mom's score, and we did okay. :)

Finally, we got our house decorated - inside and out - for Christmas! I worked all day Saturday and had it almost done by the time Dave got home from snowmobiling. Sunday after church, Dave mustered up some Christmas spirit and got all of the outside lights and decorating done. I tried to help as best I could...and was actually a bit sore the next day! Whew...I'm out of shape!
We sincerely hope that this time of year is special for each one of our friends and family. More fun blogs to come, so check in often!


Em said...

Very cute house decorations! And I resent being called a crazy!!
"I didn't get out super early like the crazies" lol, I admit it, it was a little crazy, and I'm not sure I'll ever do it again haha.

Katy said...

Oh Ali your house looks so great! I think we are going to get our up this weekend! Next year you need to come out with us "crazies" it's lots of fun!

Katy said...

Oh and btw, I think that picture of you should be your new profile pic! I love it!! :)

Judawn said...

Cute house! What a fun family!