Precious Christmas Memories...

Christmas this year was very special. It seems as though each year gets better and better, and I really think it's because our children are finally understanding the MEANING of Christmas! It is so special to hear them say things like, "This is the night that baby Jesus was born!", or "It doesn't matter if I get everything I wanted, it's more important that we are just all together on Christmas."

We opened our presents on Christmas Eve morning, to have our own family celebration. We invited my parents and my sister Ashlee over for a nice lunch, then spent the evening at Uncle Tony & Aunt Marci's house. The boys were so excited with what they got, and Dave and I were too!
Hunter really loved his new Bible (with his name on it), his John Cena PS3 game, his big Optimus Prime and his Nerf gun!

Coop was especially pleased with his John Cena wrestling ring, his Randy Orton wrestling figure and his John Cena shirt and beanie!

Christmas morning at Mom & Dad's is always fun. My favorite part is my mom's Christmas breakfast! After breakfast comes presents galore, and even though it takes a long time we all treasure each moment and each gift. It is especially fun to watch others' reactions to what we got them! My dad got my mom a gorgeous new wedding ring - it was a moment I'll remember forever - so sweet! We played cards and Apples to Apples, which turned out to be really fun, and ate so many sugar cookies that we all had belly aches that night!

Mom and Ash...such beautiful ladies. :)

Hunter got a REAL digital camera from Nana & Papa!

Coop's Buzz and Woody pj's from Uncle Kev & Aunt Kris!

REAL football helmets and jerseys!

The next day we had two different celebrations - my Nana & Grandpa's house, then Dave's family Christmas. Although we couldn't stay long at nana & grandpa's, it was still fun and we got to see some family that we don't normally get to see. The boys got some fun gifts from their cousins! And Dave's family get-together was equally exciting. We played games and ate yummy appetizers and opened gifts. Again, the boys got some fun toys - a remote control truck and a flag football set!
A Decepticon Transformer from Daniel..
A hamburger restaurant Play-Doh set from Brandi!
Grandma and Papa know how much Cooper loves Hot Wheels toys!

RC truck from Jakey!

The Kleinow grandsons...Taylor (12), Coop (4), Hunter (7), Jayden (5), Jake (7), Rykker (6)

I do have to admit that when Christmas is over, I always feel a little bit sad. I just love to have things to do, places to go, people to visit with - and when it's all over I can't help but feel depressed! But I am so thankful for the special times we spent together as a family this year, and all of God's many blessings! I'm sure when Christmas rolls around again, it will seem like this one just passed and we'll all be going, "Hey! Wasn't it just Christmas?!" Haha! I really hope you all had a blessed time too, and that this new year will be a special one!


Em said...

I love love love the picture of the boys in their football get ups LOL. Cooper's face is priceless!! So glad you had a good Christmas with all your family! You are truly blessed :)

Judawn said...

Great pictures! Such cutie boys ~ looks like an awesome Christmas. Blessings to you all!

Katy said...

I loved seeing those pictures! I know see why you had to find somewhere new for all the old toys! LOL Glad I got to spend some time with you over our "too short" break! Love ya!

the davila family said...

All those boys...! And all those toys! I want to come over and play! :) Looks like you guys had a great time....