Old-Fashioned Trevino Christmas

I look forward to Christmas at my parents' house every year. Mom cooks a huge delicious breakfast, we open presents, we snack, we eat a nice lunch, we play games, we snack...haha! Can you tell which part is my favorite?

Dad & Mom go a little overboard sometimes when it comes to buying presents, but there are never any complaints. They put so much thought and effort into buying just the right things for everyone - especially the boys! This year they got an air hockey table! WooHoo!

I always get so wrapped up in the moment that I usually forget to take pictures, but we did manage to get a few...
We had to set it up right away - Mommy wanted to play!
Mom & Dad MADE these signs for each of us! They were definitely the most special gifts of the day.
Dave was getting a bad cold, so wasn't feeling that great, but this cheered him up!

Indiana Jones legos!

A Christmas angel...LOL...I am full of myself.

Can you tell what Cooper's saying? "CHEEEEEESE"
Thank you, Mom & Dad, for always making Christmas special. Can't wait 'til next year!


Lolli said...

Those signs are so cool. They seem to fit each of you perfectly!

Katy said...

Dave looks so excited! Your family is so great! Where did you get your new background?