Apparently, sledding can be dangerous!

...or in my case, just walking around in the yard when there is snow on the ground can be dangerous. But I'm sure that doesn't come as a surprise to many of you - I have never been what you would call "graceful" .

We were so excited Friday when we woke up to snow! We hadn't been sledding yet (even though Papa had bought us a new sled), so Dave & I bundled up, along with the kids, and we trekked out to our back yard, which is on a pretty good slope. Now, I have been known to slip down this slope even in the summer, when there isn't any snow... so you can imagine how hard it was for me to go up and down this hill IN the snow!

The first time I fell, I got up quickly and said, giggling, "Haha! I fell down!" No one had seen me :) The second time, though, they were watching. I started down the hill to go inside to get a few carrots for our snowman. I knew they were watching, so I turned around to tell them to stop watching, and felt myself start to go. I attempted to make a run for it, since the deck was within reach, but it didn't work. I was airborne for what seemed like forever, then I came down flat on my back and my head banged into the ground. I didn't get up so quickly that time...I couldn't! My back hurt too bad! Plus, I was a tad-bit mortified. Dave fell to the ground laughing...holding-his-breath-laughing :) I told him later that I don't think I've EVER heard him laugh like that! EVER!

Dave made me get up early the next morning and get in the hot tub. Thank goodness for that thing - it helped so much!
Coop didn't want to sled, until we MADE him get on, then he wouldn't stop!
Hunter is like his Daddy - doesn't mind the cold weather or being soaking wet...just wants to have fun!
I think next time we decide to do this, I'll just stay at the bottom and take pictures...I AM thirty now, you know!


Lolli said...

When I read your title I thought, "Oh dear, Ali and Kristal might get a 2-for-1 special at the orthopedist!"

It looks like you all had a great time. (Some more than others.) Aren't you glad you can provide such "comedy" for your hubby? I was laughing just visualizing the whole thing. Too funny!

Katy said...

LOL I have a great pic in my head right now! "I"M OKAY" As Mike would say after a huge fall! Sorry your head and your back probably hurt! What happens when you turn 30, it's like everything goes downhill! :)