Our Christmas Tree

Last Tuesday evening, we went across town to get our Christmas tree. The little man there always remembers us, and we look forward to getting our tree from him every year. He had a huge selection, as always, but a lot of them were way too tall and would never have fit in our living room! But Dave soon found one that we all agreed on, and I must say - it is perfect!
Hunter took these pics of me and Dave - he loves using my camera!

Coop hung all his ornaments in the same spot :)

And Hunter hung most of his in a spot really close to Coop's :)

And Mommy waited 'til they went to bed and moved some into different spots - no one noticed :)


Em said...

Awe, I can't wait to get our tree this year. It's just not festive enough in this house until we get one. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun putting up the decorations. I remember when Charlie first helped my mom and all the ornaments were on the bottem couple of feet of the tree lol.

Katy said...

Oh you are so patient! I have such a hard time biting my tounge when my kids are putting all the ornaments in the same spot. I can't wait to get our tree! I think we are getting it Thursday. Good pics Hunter! It hink Santa needs to get him a digital camera!

Lolli said...

Beautiful tree! Isn't it funny how their little minds think? "Ah...this looks like a good spot. I think I'll just put them all right here."