Lots of Fun Stuff!

It seems like it's been awhile since my last blog post. I'm still without a camera, so I've been borrowing my mom and dad's! There are a few seperate things I want to share, so peek back often - I'll probably be putting up new posts every other day for the next week. Today I wanted to post some pictures we took Tuesday at Hunter's last coach-pitch game. Dave & I were the coaches, and though we were a little apprehensive about doing it, we sure had a great time! The kids improved greatly throughout the season so we were pleasantly surprised. Plus I think we got a tad bit attached to those guys - they were all so nice and polite! And they loved Cooper, of course. Who doesn't love Cooper? Haha!

After the game we had cupcakes and juice, and handed out ribbons and certificates. Several parents came up to us and said "thanks, you guys", which really meant a lot to us. I'm kind of hoping we get to do it again next summer! Oh, yeah, and here's one more special picture - Coop got his very own ribbon and certificate with his name on it - since he made sure he was a part of the team whether we wanted him to be or not!


Katy said...

So cute Ali! Wow that kid you were telling me about, I'm assuming that's the one standing next to Hunter! He is sooooo tall! Those kids were lucky to have you and Dave as coaches! Thanks for coming yesterday!

Colleen said...

Fun stuff Ali!! Getting involved in the kids sports is fun! I am really missing Seths games now that they are done. Coop is a handsome little man. Check out my blog I think there's a cute Cooper pic there. I can send you some pics if you like. It was so good to see you the other day. My kids had fun.